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Anna DeGuzman Biography – Anna DeGuzman Wiki

Anna DeGuzman is a Filipina-American magician, cardist and mentalist. She has appeared on America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us. At the age of just 24, she’s already recognized as one of the world’s premier female masters of cardistry.

“Cardistry is my specialty, it’s what makes me stand out on the show,” the 24-year-old North Jersey-based magician said in an interview with Parade. “There’s never been a cardist on the show ever in 18 seasons. So I’m definitely incorporating cardistry in the act again, but this time it will have a much bigger impact. So, even though I’m a very small, petite person, I feel the show that we’re doing is bigger.”

After being inspired by magician and “America’s Got Talent” season 13 winner Shin Lim, Anna began pursuing a career at 18 and soon proved to be a prodigious talent, full of charismatic personality with extraordinary range, performing everything from mesmerizing sleight of hand to illusions.

As one of the only women and among the youngest in her craft, Anna’s charm, wit and relatability have won her loyal fans and viral success on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

She dazzled the judges and audience during her audition with playful banter and an impressive command of her craft. She dreams of winning “America’s Got Talent” and one day performing in Las Vegas as the strip’s first headlining female magician.

Anna DeGuzman Age

Magician Anna DeGuzman is 24 years old as of 2023.

Anna DeGuzman Parents

Anna DeGuzman was raised by a single mother. “[My] mom, she’s why I do all of this. My mom raised me by herself and worked really hard to give me the best that she could, and now I wanna win AGT so I can give back to her,” she said.

“My mom has never come to any of my shows,” Anna told Parade about her mother watching her perform for the first time. “It’ll be her first time seeing me perform ever at the semifinals. She’s flying in; she’s in the Philippines. More than anybody, I am most nervous for her to be watching. It’s a big deal. For me, I’m nervous obviously because it’s the semifinals, but more because she’s in the audience.”

Anna DeGuzman Height

Magician Anna DeGuzman stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (5’5″/1.65 m).

Anna DeGuzman Net Worth

Anna DeGuzman’s net worth is unknown. She is hoping to win the $1 million prize on America’s Got Talent.

Anna DeGuzman Nationality

24-year-old Anna DeGuzman is of Filipina-American nationality.

Anna DeGuzman Ethnicity

Anna DeGuzman is of Asian ethnicity. She is originally from the Philippines. She is of Filipino descent.

Anna DeGuzman America’s Got Talent

Anna DeGuzman is an America’s Got Talent finalist, poised to make history as the first woman in 18 seasons of the NBC show to take the top prize with a magic act if she wins “America’s Got Talent”.

Following Anna DeGuzman’s charming audition, the magician and “cardistry” expert made America’s Got Talent history by becoming the first female close-up magician to advance to AGT Live Shows.

“That’s kind of a big deal,” she said during September 12’s episode. “I’m here to inspire more young girls because I didn’t have a female magician role model when I was getting started.”

DeGuzman continued to break barriers during the fourth Live Results Show of Season 18, when she was advanced into the week’s Top 2 alongside Chibi Unity via America’s Vote. She competed in the September 25 Finale as a member of the season’s Top 11.

AGT Performance

For her second performance on AGT, DeGuzman invited all four Judges on the stage to participate in her performance, resulting in a Live Act that could have been derailed by their hilarious antics.

DeGuzman had each of them pick a card from her deck, and tasked them with remembering it. The only problem? All of the Judges, save for Heidi Klum, had trouble recalling which card they picked as DeGuzman revealed them to the audience. Simon Cowell initially said the 7 of Clubs instead of the 3 of Diamonds. (“Oh my gosh, you’re terrifying,” the magician joked.) Cowell then incorrectly translated Sofia Vergara’s card as the Ace of Spades instead of the Ace of Clubs, and Howie initially said his card was the 7 of Clubs instead of the 7 of Spades.

Suffice it to say, there was a lot going happening on the stage, but DeGuzman still successfully completed her card tricks, ultimately pulling Howie’s out of a cake for her grand finale.

“The Judges are unpredictable, but that’s why we have them,” DeGuzman tells NBC Insider. “It’s to make sure that the magic is real and authentic, and I think it just goes to show that something can go wrong… I think what is real for me is that in theory we’re supposed to know how everything works, but what makes it fun as a performer is having spectators who are seeing it for the first time. Reliving the magic for the first time and getting that sense of wonder back because that’s what keeps it exciting to perform.”

She continued, “This was the most uncontrolled magic you’ve ever seen, but I hope everyone loved it.”

Anna DeGuzman Instagram

Anna DeGuzman’s Instagram handle is annadeguzman.