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Ben Fogle Biography – Ben Fogle Wiki

Ben Fogle is a British television presenter, writer, adventurer, conservationist and environmentalist. He has presented numerous programmes for the BBC, ITV, C5 and Discovery including the hit series New Lives in the Wild.

A former Reservist in the Royal Navy, Ben first appeared on the BBC’s Castaway, in which he was marooned on an island in the Outer Hebrides for a year.

He has since presented numerous programmes including Animal Park, Countryfile, Wild in Africa, Wild on the West Coast, Crufts, One Man and His Dog, Country Tracks, Extreme Dreams, A Year of Adventures, Storm City, Harbour Lives, Countrywise and Fisherman’s Lives, New Lives in the Wild. He presented the BBC’s Animal Park alongside Kate Humble, Hamza Yassin and Megan McCubbin.

Ben has made documentaries on Prince William in Africa, disease in Ethiopia, Captain Scott in Antarctica and Crocodiles in Botswana.

He has travelled extensively in South and Central America and has toured the world for various broadcasting assignments to more than 200 places including Tristan da Cunha, Pitcairn, St Helena, East Timor, Nepal, Namibia, Kenya, the Arctic Circle, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Libya, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Tahiti, Maldives, Tanzania and Morocco.

Ben has worked as a special correspondent for NBC News and has published nine bestselling books, The Teatime Islands, Outposts, The Crossing, Race to the Pole, The Accidental Adventurer, The Accidental Naturalist, Labrador, Land Rover, English.

He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society in London and an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund, Tusk, Blue and Plastic Oceans.

A keen sailor, Ben has run the Marathon Des Sables, swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco and is also a Marathon runner, boxer and cyclist.

Ben Fogle Age

He was born Benjamin Myer Fogle on 3 November 1973 in Westminster, London, England.

Ben Fogle Parents

Ben Fogle is the son of British actress Julia Foster and Canadian writer and vet Bruce Fogle.

“I only meant to come to the UK for a few months – I was over from Canada on a placement. But I got a job in a veterinary clinic and a small woman came in with her golden retriever, and she ended up being my wife,” Bruce told The Guardian.

Ben Fogle Wife

Ben Fogle married Marina Fogle in 2006 after meeting her in the park while the couple were walking their dogs, Inca and Maggi, in Hyde Park. They have a young son, Ludo and a daughter Iona and a black Labrador, Storm.

Marina, whose maiden name is Hunt, is the co-founder of The Bump Class, which offers mums-to-be a guide to pregnancy as well as antenatal classes. She runs the business alongside her sister Dr Chiara Hunt.

Ben Fogle Family

Adventurer and television presenter Ben Fogle lives in Henley-on-Thames with his wife Marina and their children, Ludo and Iona.

Ben Fogle Children

Ben Fogle and his Austrian-born wife, Marina, have two children, Ludovic Herbert Richard, who was born in 2009 and Iona, born in 2011. In 2014, Ben and Marina were expecting their third son, Willem, but tragically he was stillborn.

Ben Fogle Net Worth

British broadcaster Ben Fogle’s net worth is estimated to be £2 million.

Ben Fogle Height

Television presenter Ben Fogle stands at a height of 6′ (1.83 m) tall.

Ben Fogle Illness

In 2008, Ben Fogle contracted a flesh-eating disease, leishmaniasis, while on a trip to Peru. He’d been ill for months, and developed a deep lesion on his arm that refused to heal, but the condition is so rare he’d always thought of it as more mythical than real.

He told The Guardian: “When you go into the jungle, the two things people joke about are the willy fish – the little fish that swim up your urine and put the little spikes out. Everyone talks about them, but no one’s ever had them, you know? And the other one is this skin-eating disease.” When the diagnosis was eventually delivered, it was even worse than he’d imagined.

“The doctor told me, ‘Unfortunately, the worst news is – ‘ and I thought: what? It can’t get any worse! He said it’s a variety called vianna, which is the worst strain of leishmaniasis. It affects the face. It will go straight to the nose and the lips, and he basically said it leads to facial mutilation. Those were the words he used. Then he described the treatment, which is hideous, and showed me a bottle of the poison, with a skull and crossbones on it.”

Every day for five weeks, Fogle received the poison on a drip – a form of chemotherapy so powerful that some patients don’t walk again for two years. Every night he would vomit. By week two his body was aching and he was in agony, and by week three he had pneumonia. Yet the doctors cleared him to go, and five days after completing the treatment Fogle set off for the south pole.

UN Environment Patron

Ben is a former United Nations Environment Programme Patron of the Wilderness (2017 – 2019).

“My role as UN Environment Patron of the Wilderness allows me to celebrate and share the beauty of the wilderness with the world. I want to give the wilderness a voice to help highlight what we have before we lose it,” Ben said after he reached the summit of Mount Everest in May 2018. “As a UN Environment Mountain Hero, I have shared the adventure with people around the globe to show the magic of the Himalayas whilst also drawing attention to emerging environmental issues in mountains such as mountain litter as part UN Environment’s efforts to promote clean mountains following their Waste Management Outlook Report for Mountains.”

Ben Fogle Religion

Adventurer Ben Fogle is “not religious in the classical or traditional sense of the word,” he told The Herald Scotland.

Ben Fogle Heritage

London-born Ben Fogle is of Scottish heritage. “I do have Scottish heritage. My grandfather was from Glasgow before he emigrated to Canada. I still have family in Scotland,” he told the Herald Scotland.


Ben Fogle’s Instagram handle is @benfogle.