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Megan McCubbin Biography – Megan McCubbin Wiki

Megan McCubbin is an English zoologist, wildlife TV presenter, conservationist, photographer and author. She is one of the faces of BBC Two’s BAFTA award winning Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch. Her first TV appearance was for BBC Three’s Undercover Tourist in 2017. She spent a year working as a production researcher for Lush Film which excelled her passion for storytelling.

She has since presented on ITV’s This Morning, CBBC’s Planet Defenders, Al Jazeera’s award-winning Earthrise, BBC Earth’s Amaze me and BBC Two’s Chris & Meg’s Wild Summer.

In July 2022, she has joined BBC One’s Animal Park bringing a new conservation angle to the much loved TV show. And will be hosting the BBC Proms Earth Day 2022.

She has made appearances on Morning Live (BBC One), Steph’s Packed Lunch (Channel 4), BBC Bitesize, BBC Radio stations and co-founded the nature loving community Self Isolating Bird Club during lockdown.

Zoologist Megan McCubbin graduated with a BSc degree in Zoology from the University of Liverpool in 2018. Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, she worked hard and recognised that she excelled in field work and communication. In between her studies, she spent time volunteering to aid research and charity organisations around the world.

From working as a behavioural intern in China to rehabilitate bears from the bear bile farming industry to researching the personalities and ecology of shark species at Bimini Sharklab, McCubbin has experience and knowledge working in various scientific fields and communicating complex scientific concepts to wider audiences.

Aged 12, Megan McCubbin began working at the Wildheart Trust on the Isle of Wight where she met four tigers that changed her life. Consequently Megan dedicated her life to the protection of their wild cousins. They inspired her to raise awareness about the illegal wildlife trade, and to study predatory ecology and climate change.

As a keen wildlife photographer, shewon the under 12’s RSPCA’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2007 and is now most well-known for her Antarctic photography. In 2019, she was appointed as the coordinator and judge of Young Bird Photographer of the Year. In 2021 and 2022, Megan hosted the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.

McCubbin co-authored her first book, Back to Nature, with Chris Packham In 2020. The book highlights the state of nature conservation in the UK and reminds us why it is so important to protect it.

A conservationist at heart, Megan McCubbin is patron of the Winchester Science Center and Helping Rhinos. She is also ambassador for the League Against Cruel Sports, Rainforest Concern, Beaver Trust, Global Animal Welfare, Wild Otter Trust and Thin Green Line UK.

Megan McCubbin Animal Park

In July 2022, zoologist Megan McCubbin was welcomed to the presenting team of BBC One’s Animal Park. She joined presenters Ben Fogle and Kate Humble as well as wildlife photographer Hamza Yassin.

McCubbin said: “I am so excited to be joining the Animal Park team. I remember watching the show as a child, so it’s very special to be a part of the programme, helping to enthuse and excite about some of the most remarkable species we share our planet with!

“I have loved getting to know the residents of the park, learning about their characters and their behaviour. They truly are wonderful ambassadors for their wild cousins.”

Lindsay Bradbury, Acting Head of Daytime and Early-Peak Commissioning, said: “Megan is a vibrant young woman with a breadth of experience and knowledge on the animal kingdom, she brings her warmth and enthusiasm for conservation to the programme and we are very happy to have her on board.”

Megan McCubbin Age

Zoologist Megan McCubbin was born in 1995 in England. She is 28 years old as of 2023.

Megan McCubbin Parents

Wildlife presenter Megan McCubbin is the step-daughter of Chris Packham. Megan was just two when her mother, Jo McCubbin, a specialist nurse for the NHS, first introduced her to Chris, and although the couple never married, the family lived together and travelled extensively, introducing her to the wonders of nature and endangered species from an early age.

When Chris and Jo sadly split up, in 2007, he was determined to remain a permanent fixture in Megan’s life – they have been inseparable ever since. Chris Packham has been with his partner, Charlotte Corney, since 2007.

Megan credits her step father Chris with her own passion for wildlife. “His fascination in nature is so infectious that you can’t help but be excited by what he is excited by,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “He introduced me to a porcupine at a zoo when I was little and that was it.”

Megan and Chris still share such a close bond, despite Chris splitting up with her mother when she was 12 years old. The pair think of each other not as step-dad and daughter, but “best friends,” adding, “We have such a deep respect for one another. We have not lived together since I was 12, but I have always come backwards and forwards to spend a week or weekends at his house.

“To have this lockdown period of time has been great – spending time doing what we love outdoors. We both love learning about nature together and he has been a fantastic teacher. He is a role model of mine as well, and I’m lucky to have him as a step-dad too.”

Megan McCubbin Biological Father – Megan McCubbin Real Dad

Little is known about Megan McCubbin’s biological father.

Megan McCubbin Husband

Is Megan McCubbin married? She is not married and therefore doesn’t have a husband.

Megan McCubbin Height

Wildlife presenter Megan McCubbin stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (1.651 m).

Megan McCubbin Net Worth

McCubbin’s net worth is estimated to be €1 million.

Megan McCubbin Instagram

Megan McCubbin’s Instagram is @meganmccubbinwild.