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Kate Humble is a British TV presenter and writer. She is best known through shows like Springwatch, Autumnwatch, Animal Park, Countryfile and Top Gear. She’s also worked with some of the best-known wildlife experts on TV, including Simon King, Chris Packham and the incomparable Sir David Attenborough.


Kate was born in 1968 and grew up in rural Berkshire in a house next to a farm. She had what she describes as a ‘proper childhood’ – building camps, racing snails, climbing trees, interspersed with trips to A&E to patch up things when they broke. At the neighbouring farm she learnt to ride horses and developed a lifelong passion for mucking out.

At 18 she left school and home, and worked odd jobs for a year to fund a year travelling in Africa, which, she says, taught her far more than she would ever have learnt at university. On her return to the UK Kate got her first job in television as a runner and met Producer/Director Ludo Graham who she married in 1992.

Kate travelled whenever she had the opportunity and in 1996 had her first travel article published by ‘The Telegraph’. That same year she got her first job at the BBC as a researcher on ‘Animal Hospital’ and then ‘The Holiday Programme’in 1997.

It was on her second day in the Holiday office when she was asked to do a screen test by the programme’s editor. She protested but agreed to do it thinking it would quickly be forgotten, but three weeks later “I was presenting a programme in France.”

From here she quickly made her way up the TV ladder, becoming a presenter on Animal Park and making regular appearances on Countryfile and Top Gear. Then in 2002, she teamed up with bird-watching former Goodie Bill Oddie and wildlife camerman Simon King to do a week of live wildlife programmes from gardens in Bristol. This paved the way for Springwatch, which has become a fimr favourite with viewers.

In 2007 she and her husband Ludo moved to a smallholding in Wales and in 2011 set up ‘Humble by Nature’ a rural skills school on a working farm in the Wye Valley in Wales. They live with a variety of feathered and furry livestock and three dogs.

Kate Humble Age

She was born Katherine Mary Humble on 12 December 1968 in Wimbledon, London, England.

Kate Humble Husband

Wildlife presenter Kate Humble is married to TV producer Ludo Graham. Kate and Ludo first met when she was aged 16, and married in Newbury, Berkshire, in 1992, when she was 23.

In an interview with The Times, the Escape to the Farm presenter and her husband, Ludo Graham, opened up about their close-knit families.

“My love story with Ludo is a series of missed chances and mishaps over 20 years,” Kate said. “Our Yorkshire families have been friends for decades. My stepfather, Wicked Willy, and Ludo’s great-uncle served together in the Second World War and became firm friends. His parents were even at my parents’ wedding with newborn Ludo, and my mum joked that they’d better have a daughter. Basically, I was in an arranged marriage before I was even conceived!”

“Every year Wicked Willy would have a big birthday party. I remember the one just after I turned 16, and in among a sea of cardigans was this handsome man with spiked hair. It was 23-year-old Ludo.”

Kate Humble Children

Kate Humble doesn’t have children. In an August 2016 interview with guest presenter Gaby Roslin on ITV’s Lorraine,Kate opened up about her decision not to have children.

“I’ve never wanted them. I know it sounds dreadful, but that’s just how I feel,” Kate said. “It was amazing to see people’s reaction. So many women via social media said, ‘gosh, thanks for voicing what we felt because some people just don’t want kids’.”

She’s an aunty, a godmother and insists she loves kids, but Kate told Gaby she has never wanted to become a mum herself. Instead, Kate said she and her husband Ludo are perfectly happy with their large family of pets, which includes three dogs, as well as goats, pigs, sheep, various poultry and cattle on her 117-acre farm.

Kate Humble Net Worth

TV presenter and writer Kate Humble’s net worth is estimated to be £5 million.


Kate Humble’s Instagram handle is @kmhumble.