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Viki Knott Antiques Wiki, Age, Bidding Room, Vintage French Farmhouse

Viki Knott Biography – Viki Knott Wiki

Viki Knott, born Victoria Knott, is an antiques dealer and expert on The Bidding Room, The Vintage French Farmhouse and The Great Antiques Challenge. She is the owner of Junkshopantiques, an old-school junk shop of vintage antique odds & sods located in West Linton, Scotland, United Kingdom.

From visiting fairs at a young age with her parents to setting up her business Junkshopantiques, to rising to stardom as a dealer on BBC One’s The Bidding Room, it’s fair to say that Viki has been involved in the world of antiques buying and selling for most of her life.

Viki is the main dealer on The Great Antiques Challenge on the Really channel. She spent half a day in The Lucky Magpie Salvage, owned by Suzie Kujawinski and her partner Wayne Cutts, on the opening episode of The Great Antiques Challenge in September 2023.

Suzie said: “I was contacted by Warner Bros about the new series. The Bidding Room’s Viki Knott, the main dealer, spent half a day in The Lucky Magpie Salvage and we filmed a number of things around the shop that piqued her interest that might work for the challenge she was given.”

Viki Knott The Vintage French Farmhouse

Viki joined The Vintage French Farmhouse in September 2023. She announced her appearance in the show a week before the series premiere, writing on Instagram: “Remember last year when I was whisked away to the South of France for a new TV show? Well, it’s out next week and I can’t wait to see it because it looks just gorgeous! I’m up against 2 other dealers Moses Otunla and Ian Humphries and it’s competitive, so the boys better be up to the challenge!

“Series kicks off on Monday 25th Sept, BBC1 at 4.30 with Adrian Higham, Jacqui Harris and James Gooch battling it out. Me and the boys are up on Tuesday 26th, let the competition commence!”

Viki Knott Age

She was born Victoria Knott in June 1974 in Scotland. She is 49 years old as of 2023.

Viki Knott Instagram

Viki Knott’s Instagram handle is @junkshopantiques.