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Ian Humphries Biography

Ian Humphries is an antiques dealer and regular on the BBC 1 series, The Bidding Room. He is the owner of Manormonkeys Antiques, an antique store in Worcestershire. Ian has been in the antiques business since the early 1980s, building his knowledge of antique furniture and developing his expertise.

Ian offers antique and decorative pieces at his shop in Worcestershire and on the Manormonkeys Antiques website. According to the Manormonkeys Antiques website, he has “developed a great reputation for offering affordable antique and vintage pieces of furniture and decorative items to suit everyone’s budget and taste.”

Manormonkeys Antiques has a vast selection at his antique shop in Worcestershire. His large selection of antique furniture, vintage and retro pieces include table and chair sets, dressers, desks, lighting, mirrors, leather chesterfield sofas and individual chairs, as well as an eclectic and quirky range of collectables and decorative items to suit every interior.

Some of his antique and decorative pieces have even made an appearance in TV programmes, Theatres, films, museums and gallery exhibitions, according to his Manormonkeys Antiques website.

As a self-confessed antiqueaholic, Ian “started in the motor trade but I’d also become interested in antique furniture and used to sell furniture between the salespeople so I guess it started there. I went completely self-employed as an antique dealer. I used to say to my dad that there is no security in any job so I may as well be in charge and not let anyone sack me,” he told Great British Life.

His advice to upcoming antiques dealers: “Keep your eye on the market and if you like something, buy it. I wouldn’t suggest you buy anything to solely make money. It’s more about the pleasure it will give you and if it becomes something of notable value, that’s an added bonus. I always remember that I’m the current custodian of the item and one day I’ll pass it on to someone to look after and cherish it. If you’re drawn to something, even if it’s not very expensive, it’s for you. Buy it if you love it.”

Ian Humphries Bidding Room

Antiques expert Ian Humphries is one of the dealers on BBC One series, The Bidding Room, in which a group of expert dealers attempt to outbid each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public. The other Bidding Room dealers are James Broad, Jane Cave, Natasha Francis, Moses Otunla, Adi (Adrian) Higham, Lucy Ryder Richardson, and James Gooch.

Ian on how he got to be on The Bidding Room, he told Great British Life: “Many years ago I got a call from someone at a production company asking me to do a video on my phone trying to sell her something for a new TV show they were thinking of doing. I’d completely forgotten about it and about three years later they rang up again asking me to go for an audition. So, yeah, it was a bit out of the blue.

“I was then sent to London for what they call, ‘chemistry days’ with about thirty other people where the production company watch you to see how you interact with other people and what sort of dynamic you have. I was picked to progress to the next step, a pilot was made and the rest is history as they say.”

On his most memorable moments on the show: “I have a giveaway sign apparently which is when an item comes into the room, I can’t take my eyes off it. I don’t really make eye contact with anyone else; I’m just staring at the piece. The bed of nails is something which people still ask me about and how could I forget about it when I still bloody own it!”

Ian Humphries Age

Ian Humphries’ age is unclear.

Ian Humphries Family

His parents are from the West Midlands and the day they got married they moved lock, stock and barrel to North Yorkshire. Ian was born in Harrogate General and lived in Scotten Drive in Knaresborough and then Huddersfield.

Ian Humphries Wife

Is Ian Humphries married? He is not married.

Ian Humphries Net Worth

Ian Humphries’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Ian Humphries Tattoos

Antiques expert Ian Humphries has several colourful tattoos on his neck and arms.

Ian Humphries Instagram

His Instagram handle is @manormonkeysantiques.