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Adrian Higham Biography – Adrian Higham Wiki

Adrian “Adi” Higham is an antiques dealer on BBC One’s The Bidding Room. Adi started dealing in antiques at the age of 21. He talked to Source Vintage about how he got into the antiques and vintage trade, saying, “I fell into the antiques trade after buying a mountain bike in a local village auction for £10 and then selling it for £90. The buzz was incredible. So then I started going to loads of auctions and bought bits I liked. This is where my journey started.”

Adi and his partner Tara Franklin run Hoof Brocante, an antiques shop located in two old buildings on an old RAF base out on the Romney Marshes on the East Sussex/Kent border. Hoof Brocante are “specialists in French decorative antiques, art, interior design, furniture, clothing and classic brocante,” according to the shop’s website.

Adi has a passion of the unusual and has collected many weird items after living in France for over 20 years. His passion ranges from classic cars to galvanised pots and early French oil jars from deep in the south. He also likes hand painted signs and loves the odd pedal car.

Adrian Higham Age

Adrian Higham was born in 1968 in Brookland, Kent.

Adrian Higham Wife

Who is Adrian Higham married to? He is married to his wife Tara Franklin, also an antiques dealer. Tara specialises in antique French textiles, linens, and vintage French clothing. Adi’s first wife passed away in 2003.

Adrian Higham Weight Loss

After the loss of his wife in 2003, antiques dealer Adrian Higham gained weight. His weight ballooned to 25 stone. In 2015, he collapsed on a ferry because he was 36 stone in weight.

In 2017, antiques dealer Adrian was selected for the Prudential Ride London Fixing Challenge, which saw him receive personalised fitness training, as well as diet and lifestyle advice in a bid to help him regain his health. The challenge culminated with Adrian taking part in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, a 100-mile ride around the capital and into the Surrey hills.

He said at the time: “Two years ago, I collapsed on a ferry because I was 36 stone in weight. I’d had all the shock tactics to try to make me lose weight but I was rushed into hospital and still did nothing about it.

“My family is rife with diabetes, so I decided I wanted to break the mould. I sat down in the front of the TV one night and Fixing Dad came on.

“I didn’t have a clue what it was about but I sat and watched it and was absolutely open-mouthed.

“I could not believe what I was seeing. A couple of years before, I had actually got stuck in traffic caused by the Prudential RideLondon and thought to myself, ‘what on earth are these people doing?’

“But after watching Geoff and the programme, seeing him come over the line and that look on his face, I’ll never forget it.

“For years, doctors have told me that if I don’t lose weight, I will die but those shock tactics haven’t worked. But watching the programme made me realise I had to do it.

“This isn’t just for me, though. I want people to see me in two years’ time and say that they want to do what I have done. It’s infectious.”

“I couldn’t believe it when I was told I had got a place on the challenge. It was shock initially but then it was excitement and I just kept thinking about the film,” Adrian said. “The amount of support that you see behind the whole process is staggering. I don’t want to let myself down and others as well. I’ve lost over five stone already since watching the film. Five months ago, I couldn’t even get on a bike but now I’m cycling every day and it’s brilliant.”

Adrian Higham The Bidding Room

Adi Higham is one of the expert dealers on BBC One’s The Bidding Room together with James Broad, Lucy Ryder Richardson, Moses Otunla, Ian Humphries, James Gooch, Jane Cave, Natasha Francis.

Asked what he enjoyed most about his Bidding Room experience, Adi said in an interview with Source Vintage: “I absolutely love all of the amazing messages I receive and fans of the show visiting Hoof HQ. It’s just lovely. On set, it’s so easy for me as I’m just me. Meet me in real life and nothing changes. I’m genuinely passionate about my job and life, and being part of ‘The Bidding Room’ has come at just the right time in my bonkers life. I absolutely love that it’s had such a wonderful reception. People seem to love it and that’s magical.”

Adrian Higham Illness

The Bidding Room’s Adi Higham is from a family that is “rife with diabetes,” the antiques dealer revealed in a past interview.

Adrian Higham Instagram

Adrian Higham’s Instagram handle is @hoof.antiques_brocante.