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Jacqui Harris Biography – Jacqui Harris Wiki

Jacqui Harris is an antiques dealer and one of the dealers on The Bidding Room and The Vintage French Farmhouse on BBC One. She is the owner of Something Truly Vintage, a Vintage Showroom offering 20th Century Home Furnishings.

Located in the antique-filled town of Horncastle, Lincolnshire, the vintage showroom invites you to sample a collection of Designer vintage & vintage styled items for sale displayed as a complete mid-century home. It is a family run business started over 20 years ago buying, making and designing everything from jewellery to small pieces of decor.

Jacqui Harris The Bidding Room

Jacqui Harris is one of the dealers on The Bidding Room on BBC One. The Bidding Room is set in an emporium where a group of expert dealers try to outbid each other to buy extraordinary items brought in by the public. To make sure the sellers get the best deals, they meet the room’s valuation expert who tells them about their item’s history – and what it’s potentially worth. The show is hosted by Nigel Havers.

Jacqui Harris The Vintage French Farmhouse

Antique dealer Jacqui Harris is an expert on The Vintage French Farmhouse, a daytime series for BBC One that features a host of antique dealers competing to sell an array of items in the stunning setting of Provence in the South of France. She specializes in Inter-War items and antiques.

“You are just going to love watching us panic in France as the clock counts down or watching the Dealers battling to take home the fantastic goods you bring onto the show,” she posted.

Speaking about her experience in the series, Jacqui said: “I don’t speak French and I’ve never shopped in France before but I think that made it more exciting. Immersing yourself with the local traders and being in such a magical setting was fantastic.”

Some of the other dealers featured in the series include Adi Higham, James Gooch, Ian Humphries, Jo Roberts and Harry Khwaja.


Jacqui’s Instagram handle is somethingvintage.jm.