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Tasia Graham is a Storytelling illustrator. She is an imaginative storytelling Artist using scenic imagery and striking color coordination. She appears on Make it at Market on BBC1.

Working in new-age digital and traditional media, Tasia combines her knowledge of hand painting and computer digital design to create a more expressive interpretation of illustration.

Tasia uses texture, layering, and figurative line work as the foundations of her digital paintings with themes of womanhood and cultural identity. Exploring the emotional attributes of human behavior, Tasia transforms ‘feeling’ into atmospheric imagery and encourages the viewer to step into the painting, to feel the presence of their conscience. “I want the viewer to feel like they are standing in the middle of the painting”

Graduating in 2021 from the University of Art London. Tasia begins her career working with the BBC and Financial Times illustrating the stories of authors and her personal experiences.

In an interview with Design by Women she was asked, How did you first become interested in being an illustrator?

She answered: “I’ve always been interested in the arts; from a young age I would draw my favorite characters and paint landscapes for fun. I was close with my art teachers, won a few awards, and loved learning about art. With the help of my teachers, I went on to study A Level photography, fine art, and graphic design. I felt that illustration was a perfect mixture of different fields and I began to explore illustration in more depth at the University of Arts London, where I found my favorite medium — digital arts.”

Tasia Graham Make it at Market

Tasia Graham appears on BBC 1 Make it at Market as a budding entrepreneur. The show is hosted by Dominic Chinea of The Repair Shop.

She announced the news of her appearance on the show writing: “EXCITING NEWS!! Can finally reveal I’ve been shooting for a new @bbc show Called Make it At Market, following artists on their journey to turning their hobbies into full-time businesses, had the pleasure of @london_artist1 being my mentor, helping me with the challenges of freelancing and building a business & @jackdicksonart another amazing portrait artist in my group! 🧚🏾‍♂️✨🌸

Keep a look out for the show this autumn on BBC One ✨”

Tasia Graham Instagram

Tasia Graham’s Instagram handle is @tasiadesigns.