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Jodie Turner-Smith Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Net Worth, Height, Married and Instagram

Jodie Turner-Smith Biography – Jodie Turner-Smith Wiki

Jodie Turner-Smith, born Jodie Stephanie D. Turner-Smith is a British model and actress. She is known for her role in The Last Ship (2017), Nightflyers (2018), and Queen & Slim (2019).

Jodie Turner-Smith Age

She was born on 7 September 1986 in Peterborough, England.

Jodie Turner-Smith Parents, Family

She was born to Jamaican parents. She has a brother, Brandon Antonino Giovanni Smith, and a sister, Toni Gasson-Smith.

Jodie Turner-Smith Husband

Jodie Turner-Smith is married to her husband actor Joshua Jackson. They married in December 2019 after been in a relationship since October 2018.


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two people who only fancy each other a little bit 🥰

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Jodie Turner-Smith Children

Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson are expecting their first child.

Jodie Turner-Smith Height

Jodie Turner-Smith stands at a height of 5 feet 9¼ inches (1.76 m).

Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth

Jodie Turner-Smith’s net worth is unknown. However, her husband Joshua Jackson has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Jodie Turner-Smith Nationality

She is of British-Jamaican nationality.

Jodie Turner-Smith Instagram


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Proof That The Glow Up Has Been Really Real 😅😅😅 it’s been soooo long since i’ve seen these pictures, but because the internet is undefeated, i found them! a blast from the past! i’m humbled when i look at this girl. 17 year old me. not just because of how i look on the outside, but because i remember how i felt on the inside. i remember how badly i hated myself and hated the dark skin that made people call me ugly. how i turned my helplessness at being unable to change my outward appearance inward, by constantly cleaving away any and all parts of myself that i was told made me unacceptable to others. how i changed my voice, changed my hair, became captain of this and president of that, used my intelligence to build a wall around me, spent years in the practice of bending and shaping myself into the most acceptable form of Jodie for the people around me until there was nothing of me left but hate for a person i didn’t recognise and fear that i had become someone it was impossible to come back from… AND, MY GOD, IT WAS EXHAUSTING! but i say all that to say this— i am grateful for the girl in these photos and for every part of this journey. because i couldn’t be me, now, if i wasn’t first her, then. when you know what it feels like to hate yourself, finally loving yourself is a freedom that cannot be matched by anyone else’s approval 🥰🥰🥰 also worth noting— i was voted Most Likely To Succeed! but we all thought it would be in somebody’s office 🤓

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