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Lucy Weston Biography – Lucy Weston Wiki

Lucy Weston is the wife of Simon Weston CBE, a distinguished army veteran, survivor of the Falkland War and author. Simon met Lucy when she was working for one of the co-founders of Weston’s charity, Weston Spirit, which helps about 5,000 disadvantaged young people a year in Merseyside. They needed female volunteers and Lucy offered to help.

Speaking about his wife in a 2015 interview with The Guardian, Simon said: “Lucy has been a phenomenal support for me and she’s wonderful company. We’ve been married for 25 years. We met when she volunteered for my charity, Weston Spirit; then she left for America, returned six months later and we’ve been together ever since.”

Simon and Lucy will compete on Unbreakable on BBC One and iPlayer. The BBC One show will see six celebrity couples compete under the watchful eyes of two experts, who will encourage them to open up about life, love and relationships.

Lucy Weston Age

She is 54 years old as of 2022.

Lucy Weston Family

Falklands veteran and author Simon Weston CBE and his wife Lucy have three children: James, Stuart and Caitlin. Speaking about the birth of their first child, James, the Falklands veteran told The Guardian:

“The birth of my first child, James, was so special. I was proud, excited, frightened and nervous – nervous because it was this feeling of “I’m responsible for another being’s life”. I loved every moment. It was an unconditional trust, but I had this feeling when they were all born.”