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Teddy Edwardes Wiki, Age, Shanaze Reade Partner, Real Name, Net Worth, BBC, Instagram

Teddy Edwardes Biography – Teddy Edwardes Wiki

Teddy Edwardes is a British model and entrepreneur. She is the founder of LICK and host of Big Proud Party Agency on BBC Three. Edwardes is also a huge advocate for queer women.

Edwardes is the founder of LICK, an event solely for women and non-binary people in order to create a safe and relevant space for Gay, Bi, Queer and Trans women. Since its inception in August 2018, Lick has grown from a monthly club night to being housed in a fully-fledged London venue, selling out 2,000 tickets in advance every month.

It has also expanded outside London and put on nights in Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol and Dublin, and offers women an opportunity to party without encountering the kind of unwanted advances that might happen in mixed clubs.

Edwardes had been working in London’s only lesbian bar for six months when she got sacked. “I was furious,” she told the BBC. “So I went to the bar on the other side of the street and asked whether I could do my own night there for revenge.”

That first club night, wryly titled C U Next Tuesday, was a hit. It later blossomed into LICK, a popular party run by queer women, for women, non binary and trans people.

In truth, the idea of starting her own night had been brewing in Teddy’s mind for a while. “I was sick of going to nightclubs with men,” said Edwardes. “Every time I had a bad experience with being grabbed or horrible things like that.”

“People just feel a lot more comfortable being who they want and wearing what they want. It feels like a community, I guess.”

Edwardes is also a host and party planner on BBC Three’s show Big Proud Party Agency. The Big Proud Party Agency is a series that follows a team of LGBTQ+ professional party agents as they plan some iconic events. The party agents are accomplished professionals and include cultural producer and event curator Ryan Lanji, model and businesswoman Teddy Edwardes and party architect Christopher Mills.

From inspiration to celebration, each episode sees the party agents tasked with creating an extravagant event for a ‘party star’ with something important to commemorate. The agents are given a brief and then have to pitch their idea before one is chosen, with the party star’s best friends on hand throughout to help pull off a memorable night.

Teddy Edwardes Age

Edwardes was born on 2 March 1990 in Cornwall, England. She is 32 years old as of 2022.

Shanaze Reade Partner Teddy Edwardes

TV personality Teddy Edwardes is dating Olympian Shanaze Reade, a World record-breaking BMX racer and track cyclist. Shanaze Reade and Edwardes compete to prove that they have the strongest relationship on Unbreakable on BBC One and iPlayer.

Teddy Edwardes Rosie Davies

Edwardes previously dated Rosie Davies, a professional golfer who plays on the Ladies European Tour.

Teddy Edwardes Net Worth

Edwardes’ net worth is estimated to be under £2 million.

Teddy Edwardes Instagram

Edwardes’ Instagram is @teddyedwardes.