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Nathan Dyke is a fitness instructor and contestant on Survivor UK 2023. He is an instructor at Barry’s UK and sales operations manager at Auto Trader UK, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He is an instructor at Barry’s in Manchester, London and Liverpool. Nathan, also known as MoreGainz101, is best known for his infectious energy, banging playlists and challenging workouts. A life-long health and fitness fanatic, Nathan was first introduced to Barry’s in 2015. He became an official Barry’s Instructor in 2022.

Nathan is a Sales Operations Lead at Auto Trader UK in London, England, United Kingdom. He joined Auto Trader UK in August 2012. Starting his career as a Graduate Client Manager, progressing quickly through a number of key roles, he has grown into an established leader within AutoTrader’s retailer operations.

As a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Nathan was one of the founding members of the Auto Trader BAME Network in 2018. Since that time, the group has established itself as a vital part of the AT community, significantly influencing the strategic direction of Auto Trader’s D & I strategy. Deeply involved in recruitment and future talent initiatives, Nathan continues to be a visible and contributing figure in building a truly multi-cultural environment at Auto Trader.

Nathan is also a member of Auto Trader’s Board Engagement Guild, sharing sentiment from AT’s BAME network and Sales Operation with the Board, to further enhance strategic decisions.

Nathan’s enthusiasm and desire continues to inspire others throughout the business, his contribution was a key factor in Auto Trader being named one of the top 10 organisations in the UK by Inclusive Companies in 2019, according to his bio on an Inclusive Companies event in honour of Black History Month (BHM).

Nathan Dyke Age

Survivor UK contestant Nathan Dyke is 35 years old as of 2023.

Nathan Dyke Survivor UK

Nathan Dyke is one of the 18 contestants taking part in Survivor UK 2023 on BBC, hosted by Joel Dommett. On what made Nathan want to be a contestant on Survivor, he told the BBC: “I very much believe in the concept of Kaizen (a Japanese term for continuous improvement) and I try to apply this concept to every part of my life.

“When I reflect on when I’ve grown the most, it has always been on the back of significantly challenging times, adversity, or hardship. So, when the opportunity to be a part of one of the most challenging experiences someone can face, I needed no convincing.”

Nathan had to be mentally and physically fit to appear in the series. Speaking about his preparations, he said: “Mentally, it was a case of daily positive affirmations, reminding myself that if I’m able to get through the things I have got through so far in life, that I will be able to get through anything the game would be able to throw at me.

“On the physical side, prior to confirmation of my involvement in the show, I already had a fairly intensive training programme, however, I introduced more cardio and calisthenic exercises into my training and undertook swimming lessons.”

Nathan took away so many lessons from being on the show. He said: “I learnt to take more risks – nothing great happens from playing it safe. To be present – I thoroughly enjoyed having no technology and found that I was much more present in my social interactions and my connections with people were so much stronger as a result.

“To have more gratitude – all of the things that we take for granted, family and friends, food and drinks on demand, washing machines etc. There was a time before the show where I might pick out certain things of my dish that I didn’t like eating such as onions or peppers whereas in the show I would have killed for those flavours! It has meant that since coming out I don’t take them for granted. I’ve also learnt to say no to things that don’t align with my values or the direction I want to head in.”

Nathan Dyke Instagram

Nathan Dyke’s Instagram handle is @moregainz101.