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Micaela Sharp Biography – Micaela Sharp Wiki

Micaela Sharp is an interior designer, upholsterer and upcycler from South East London. In July 2022, Micaela become the first black Changing Rooms presenter. She appeared on series two of the BBC’s Interior Design Masters. She has also appeared on Money for Nothing, Flipping Profit, Junk Rescue, Love Your Weekend and Kings of the Wood.

Growing up Micaela’s family had always taught her carpentry and sewing skills so when she made the decision to work for herself and a friend suggested she try upholstery it became the perfect fit! After attending an upholstery course Micaela quickly learned the tricks of the trade and set up her own business in 2017. She now oversees an upholstery team updating family favourite furniture as well as working with commercial enterprises for office and leisure spaces.

Since starting her business Micaela’s talents and expertise have appeared on screen. Micaela first appeared in the BBC One show Flipping Profit. Here she purchased chairs and sofas needing upholstery, then competed against well-known auctioneers and market traders to make the most profit.

She has also appeared on Children’s BBC’s Junk Rescue, transforming a cable wheel into a mushroom chair which now features on every show during storytime.

She’s a regular expert on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Weekend on ITV and also appeared on Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr on BBC Two, making it to the semi-finals.

In 2021 Micaela joined the team of expert makers in a brand new series for Discovery+ called Kings of the Wood. Most recently Micaela Sharp became the first-ever black interior designer on Changing Rooms (Channel 4).

Micaela runs her own business, Micaela Sharp Design, delivering an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial design. Micaela also runs an online upholstery masterclass course with Create Academy which launched in September 2022.

Before turning her hands to upholstery, Micaela spent many years working in the luxury travel industry, visiting over 250 luxury boutique hotels for Mr & Mrs Smith, a luxury travel website. She co-founded Womxn in Business South East and is passionate about promoting and uniting independent businesses run by women.

Micaela Sharp Age

Upholsterer and interior designer Micaela Sharp was born in June 1987. She is 35 years old as of 2022.

Micaela Sharp Husband

Is Micaela Sharp married? She is divorced. In an interview with The Divorce Social podcast hosted by Samantha Baines, the Changing Rooms presenter revealed that she was married for 6 years. The marriage ended in divorce due to infidelity by her husband.

“It wasn’t so much for me the act of cheating on me, it was how he had treated me in that time frame,” she said.

Micaela also gives suggestions on curating the best space for yourself after your partner moves out.

Micaela Sharp Parents

Upholsterer and interior designer Micaela Sharp has lost both her parents. She was raise by her grandparents.

Micaela Sharp Interior Design Masters

She was a contestant on the 2021 series of Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr on BBC Two. Her hands on maker approach and eye for pattern and texture saw make it to the semi-finals of the competition.

Micaela Sharp Changing Rooms

She appeared in series two of Changing Rooms with Whinnie Williams, 2LG & Laurence LLewelyn-Bowen on Channel 4.

Micaela Sharp Flipping Profit

She was featured on BBC One’s Flipping Profit where she competed against well known auctioneers and market traders to make the most profit. Over 4 episodes Micaela purchased chairs and sofas from Hye-on-Wye, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Lewes and Faversham. Watch on iPlayer to see how she got on against Philip Serrell, Catherine Southon and others.

Micaela Sharp Instagram

Micaela Sharp’s Instagram is @micaelasharpdesign.