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Vicky Gill Biography – Vicky Gill Wiki

Vicky Gill is a fashion designer and BAFTA winning costume designer for TV, Theatre and Music. She is best known for her work on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice. Vicky has been on Strictly since series two. She worked with Strictly in a design advisory position for several years before taking over the helm in 2011.

Vicky studied fashion at Newcastle Art College. She honed her skill earlier on in her career making costumes for acts such as Girls Aloud and Kylie Minogue. Speaking about how she got started, Vicky previously said: “A friend of my husband introduced me to Girls Aloud’s stylist and I went on to make costumes for several of their tours, the Brit Awards and lots for Cheryl when she went solo.”

Following Girls Aloud, Kylie’s 2011 Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour beckoned. The Australian superstar’s other go-to designers that year were Dolce & Gabbana.

Vicky Gill Strictly Come Dancing

Stanley-born fashion designer Vicky Gill is the chief costume designer of the Strictly Come Dancing costumes department. She has headed up the Strictly Come Dancing costumes department since 2012. As soon as a celebrity is announced, Vicky gets to work, researching their body type and colouring, so that by the time they meet she has already gathered a few ideas about styles that might suit them.

“I am one of the first members of the Strictly team they will meet and usually they are scared of what I’m going to do to them,” she told YOU Magazine. “My task is to reassure them that we will work as a team and to get them to trust me to design dresses that will not only look fabulous but provide all the support and the right amount of give during the dance. The celebrities tend to focus on a static image, but the dress needs to deliver when put through its paces.”

Vicky likes to have three or four dresses made for each contestant by the time the series begins, “even though I won’t know the concept for each week until the producers tell me. Then I’ll adapt the design if I need to – it’s easier to tweak something than make it from scratch. An elaborate dress should take four days to make but we have been able to do it in two. All-nighters are part and parcel of Strictly.”

Vicky Gill Age

Strictly Come Dancing costume designer Vicky Gill was born in Stanley, County Durham, England. She is 49 years old as of 2022.

Vicky Gill Husband

Is Vicky Gill married? She is married to Mark, a graphic designer.

Vicky Gill Family

Strictly’s costume designer Vicky Gill and her graphic designer husband Mark have three children; a son, Ollie, and daughters Izzy and Evie. The daughters enjoy visiting their mum’s studio.

Vicky, who was born in Stanley, County Durham, has lived in Godstone for the past two decades, most recently in the central village property she shares with her graphic designer husband and their three children.

“I’m really fond of Godstone, my children have all gone to the village school and I can get into London relatively easily and to airports. Life is very different for me here in Surrey, compared to my native North East. Obviously, many years have passed since I left my hometown, aged 18. Life certainly feels faster here than I remember it at home, whether it’s my job that propels that, my family, or the local area – who knows?

“I have a little heart for the North East and I always will. But where I live now, the kids and I have lots of great friends and there is a really lovely community spirit. So Godstone has a place in my heart, too.”

Vicky Gill Parents

Her mother Emily is a retired seamstress. Her father Alan was a butcher.

Vicky Gill Net Worth

Costume designer Vicky Gill’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.


Her Instagram is @vickygilldesign.