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Liam Nichols Biography – Liam Nichols Wiki

Liam Nichols is Head Chef at restaurant, STORE, in Stoke Holy Cross, near Norwich. Store is based in the back room of Stoke Mill in Stoke Holy Cross, described as the “low-key, cool younger brother of the main restaurant”. He joined the business in May 2021 and has since earned the restaurant a Michelin star.

On winning the Michelin star, Liam said: “The reaction since we opened has been very positive and we have lots of lovely regulars. When you start cooking you never think of getting a Michelin star so it is a huge privilege and when I found out I was emotional.

There were also some of my old employers at the ceremony like Tom Kerridge from when I worked at Kerridge’s Bar and Grill in London.”

He spent the first four years of his career at The Wildebeest Arms, only to move on to hone his skills at Midsummer House in Cambridge and Sat Bains in Nottingham. From there, he ventured to Melbourne putting in time at The Press Club. He hopped across the pond to refine his technique as sous chef at Momofuku KO in New York. His journey brought him back to the UK to work as opening sous chef at Tom Kerridge’s Bar and Grill in London.

His career has seen him do a full circle and return to the village where it all began, Stoke Holy Cross. A Norwich native, Liam wants his vision of a playful and exciting menu to come through in all of his cooking.

Liam Nichols Great British Menu

Liam Nichols is a contestant on Series 19 of the Great British Menu, hosted by Andi Oliver. He is one of the four chefs competing for Central England with canapes, starters and fish dishes inspired by the Olympics and Paralympics in the regional heats, alongside Adam Smith, Louisa Ellis and Sam Ashton-Booth. The central regional competitors will be battling it out for a place in finals week.

His menu celebrates the podiums where you collect your medal, and the first ever winner of an Olympic event.

Liam said: “I’ve been a huge fan of Great British Menu for years, and it’s crazy to be in a kitchen that has seen so many awesome chefs through its doors. The whole experience has been a bit wild, but I’m delighted to have been chosen to represent the central region!”

Liam Nichols Instagram

Liam Nichols’ Instagram account is @liamnichols_chef.