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Philip Heseltine, son of Les Dennis

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Philip Heseltine is an actor and son of Les Dennis with his first wife Lynne Webster. He did an acting course in 2010 at the age of 30. In 2013, Phil appeared in MacBeth at the New End Theatre, Hampstead.

Les Dennis and Philip Heseltine have a great father-son relationship. In a 2013 interview with The Guardian, Philip spoke about their father-son relationship: “Dad is like my best mate as well as my father. We love going to the pub each week for a catch-up or we’ll just chill together and watch films. We like anything gangster with Al Pacino in.

“When I was very young I had no idea what he did for a living. I’d find him dressed as the character Mavis and think he was just doing it to wind me up. People used to stop us in the street all the time and afterwards he’d ask: “Does that bother you?” It didn’t though. At school I didn’t tell people who he was, but they usually found out.

“One interesting early father-son experience was when he taught me to ride a bike. He zealously pushed me down a steep hill, and I came crashing off. Somehow I managed not to break any bones; the bike wasn’t so lucky. These days I love being an older brother to Tommy and Ellie. There’s a big age gap – she’s five and he’s three, but we play together.”

Philip Heseltine Age

Former Family Fortunes host Les Dennis’s son, Philip Heseltine, was born in 1980.

Philip Heseltine Family

Philip is the son of Les Dennis with his first wife Lynne Webster. He is an older brother to Eleanor Grace and Thomas Christopher via his father’s third marriage to Claire Nicholson.