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Dilly Carter Biography – Dilly Carter Wiki

Dilly Carter is a professional organiser, author and TV Presenter on BBC One’s Sort Your Life Out alongside Stacey Solomon. She is the founder of Declutter Dollies, an organising and home styling service. She has zhuzhed the homes of A-List actors, authors and fitness influencers.

Dilly got the bug for organising at a young age. She learned the value of decluttering when she began helping her mother, who suffers from bipolar disorder, organise her ‘living-chaos’ at home.

As a teenager, Dilly worked in a designer clothing store, folding clothes to curating and presenting rails of seasonal trends. This developed into a love of styling and personal shopping where she gained a huge understanding of every changing styles and how to curate a capsule yet functional wardrobe. She then went on to become a personal assistant in HNW homes organising everything from kitchens to a family’s diary.

Dilly is now on our screens as 1/4 of the hit BBC One show Sort Your Life Out, a programme that helps people who have become overwhelmed by family life to take back some control at home.

She is also the author of two books – Change Your Space and Create Space – with a fresh take on the link between mental wellbeing and decluttering.

Dilly Carter Age

Dilly Carter was born in November 1980 in Sri Lanka. She is 42 years old as of 2023.

Dilly Carter Husband

Is Dilly Carter married? She is married to Charley Carter. They have been married since 2012 and have a daughter Nelly- Reet. Reflecting on their decade of marriage in May 2022, Dilly wrote on Instagram: “As I start thinking about what Charley and I have done together in the last ten years of marriage, the places we have been, people we’ve met, experiences we have shared, It’s crazy to look back and wonder how we have done so much in what seems like a short time.

“But there is only one thing that stands out more than anything we have seen, done bought or own. Our biggest achievement of all time, the most gorgeous girl inside and out, coolest, sassiest, kindest, most loving child we have somehow managed to raise between us and avtually our immediate family.

“Our entire world and more….Nelly- Reet.

“Nothing brings us more happiness, more joy. And while I leave her for 8 days, while she goes from one school mum to a neighbour to an aunty while we try to manage 6am drop offs, picks up and overnight stays she remains happy, calm, and always leaves home with a smile and comes back with one.

“They say the most expensive jewels you will ever wear around your neck are those of your child’s arms. It couldn’t be truer. The best part of our ten years, and forever more,” alongside a photo of their daughter.

Dilly Carter Parents

Dilly Carter was adopted from an orphanage in Sri Lanka after her adoptive mother had hysterectomy, a surgical procedure to remove the womb. She describes her relationship with her English mother, Freda, and Sri Lankan father, Deya , as “…very functional, but I was never short of love. My parents were working so hard to give me a lovely life, but we didn’t spend a lot of time together.” There are no details about Dilly’s biological parents.

Dilly Carter Family

Professional organiser Dilly Carter lives in Tring, Herts, with her husband Charley and their daughter Neely-Reet.

Dilly Carter Adoption

TV presenter Dilly Carter was adopted from a Sri Lankan orphanage in 1983 at the age of 3. In March 2023, Dilly became an ambassador for Adoption UK. Adoption UK is the leading charity supporting adoptees with challenges they face because of traumatic experiences in their early childhoods.

Dilly said: “As an adoptee myself, I’m really excited about working with Adoption UK to help young adoptees live bravely and reach their potential.”

Dilly will be helping Adoption UK to raise awareness of modern adoption, and the challenges many adopted people face. She will campaign with the charity for better support for adopted children and young people, including in school and managing the transition to adulthood, and ensuring adult adoptees can get the help they need with tracing records, seeking birth family and getting therapeutic support.

CEO of Adoption UK Emily Frith said: “We’re thrilled Dilly’s joining the Adoption UK family. Like most adoptees she had a tough start in life but she has shown remarkable resilience. She’s a great role model and mentor, but not just that – she’s keen to roll her sleeves up and help campaign for the support that all adopted people need and deserve.”


Dilly revealed the news on Instagram, writing, “I am so excited and honoured to announce I am now an ambassador for @adoption.uk. I have always wanted to work with a charity close to my heart and there is no better fitting than this.

“As an adopted child from Sri Lanka I feel so lucky to have been given an opportunity of life in the UK and the paths that my life has taken have led me to where I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful.

“I cannot wait to share my journey, my experiences and hopefully shine a light on just how amazing adoption is, from all angles. To mentor, teach and educate adoptees and parents on the importance of adoption.

““ to bring a child from another home or country into your own with no other goal than to wrap that child up and give them a fresh start is the biggest most selfless action of love””.

Dilly Carter Health

TV presenter and author Dilly Carter had a hysterectomy, a surgical procedure that removes the uterus. After the surgery, you can’t become pregnant and no longer menstruate. The surgery may be done for different reasons, including Uterine fibroids, Uterine prolapse, Cancer of the uterus, Endometriosis, Abnormal vaginal bleeding, Chronic pelvic pain and Adenomyosis.

Dilly Carter Cancer

Sort Your Life Out presenter Dilly Carter doesn’t have cancer.

Dilly Carter Heritage

BBC’s Dilly Carter is of Sri Lankan heritage.

Dilly Carter Nationality

She is of British nationality.


Dilly Carter’s Instagram handle is @declutterdollies.