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Les Dennis First Wife Lynne Webster

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Lynne Webster was the first wife of Les Dennis, a comedian and actor. The former couple tied the knot in 1974 and split in 1990 after 16 years of marriage. They had a son, Philip Heseltine.

Les Dennis “regrets” the collapse of his first marriage to Lynne Webster. During his appearance on the ‘Where There’s A Will, There’s A Wake’ podcast, he said: “I think my first marriage fell apart because I didn’t take stock. When my mum died I went on stage. When my dad died, I was in Bournemouth and didn’t know until after. And then I was again convinced to go on stage that night and do the show as a ‘tribute’ to my dad.”

The former Family Fortunes host confessed the end of his first marriage to Lynne Webster was impacted by his “blinkered” reaction to such devastating losses.

He added: “So, I have regrets about that. My first marriage probably was affected by my blinkered… just getting on [with it mentality]. ‘I’ve got to get on. Dustin’s gone now. I’ve got to get on with my career.'”

After his first marriage to Lynne Webster ended, Dennis married his second wife Amanda Holden in 1995 after they met during a production of ‘The Sound of Music’ in 1993. The marriage ended in 2002 after her affair with Men Behaving Badly actor Neil Morrissey.

Dennis told Hello! Magazine that Amanda’s affair with Neil was karma. “I was unfaithful to my first wife, Lynne, after we both married young. I got caught up in the glamour of the world I moved in and treated her badly. I’m sorry for what I did and we’re friends these days.”