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Lauren Newton is the daughter of Bert Newton and Patti Newton. She is an Australian actress, known for her work on Bert’s Family Feud (2006), Crown Australian Celebrity Poker Challenge (2006), and Postcards (1999), according to her IMDB profile. She has been married to former competitive swimmer Matt Welsh since November 4, 2006. Lauren and Matt are parents to Sam Albert Walsh, Eva Eunice Walsh, Lola Patricia Walsh, Monty Matthew Walsh, Perla, and Alby James Newton Welsh.

Lauren Newton Age

She was born in 1980 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Lauren Newton Parents

Lauren Newton is the daughter of Bert and Patti Newton. Bert first met the then Patti McGrath when the two of them were radio child stars and then moved on to work together at Channel Seven.

The pair stayed in contact throughout their teens and twenties with Patti even inviting Bert to her 21st birthday party before moving to the UK to further her career.

Bert and Patti tied the knot in 1974. The couple are parents to Matthew and Lauren. During their 46 years of marriage, Bert has had a number of health scares including quadruple bypass surgery, a nasty bout of pneumonia in April 2017 and many hospitalisations. Most recently, the veteran entertainer underwent a leg amputation following an aggressive infection on his toe which wouldn’t clear up. As Bert faced this challenging new chapter, wife Patti was by his side until his tragic death, which was announced on October 30, 2021. He is survived by his loving wife Patti, and two children, Lauren and Matthew.

Lauren Newton Brother

Bert and Patti Newton’s daughter Lauren has one sibling, Matthew Newton, who lives in New York. He relocated to the US in 2012, after several serious allegations of domestic violence and assault, New Idea reported.

A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, Matt thrived in his early years, performing on stage, television and film. He appeared in several hit TV shows, including All Saints, Water Rats and Farscape, as well as in the 2002 film adaptation of Looking for Alibrandi alongside Pia Miranda.

He then found international success playing the vampire Armand in Queen of the Damned (2002), before writing and starring in his first feature film, Right Here Right Now (2004).

Lauren Newton Husband

Who is Lauren Newton married to? She is married to her husband, Olympic swimmer and trainer Matt Welsh.They married in November 2006. The couple met at The Wizard of Oz musical, at which Lauren’s dad Bert was starring. Lauren and Matt Welsh have six children: Sam, Eva, Lola, Monty, Perla, and son Alby. The family lives in Hawthorn East in Victoria.

Lauren Newton Children

Actress Lauren Newton and her husband, Matt Welsh, have six children; sons Sam Albert Walsh, Monty Matthew Walsh, and Alby James Newton Welsh, and daughters Eva Eunice Walsh, Lola Patricia Walsh, and Perla. She experienced complications when she was pregnant with her sixth child, son Alby, who was born seven weeks early in August 2020.

She told New Idea Magazine: “I began my sixth pregnancy with many complications and spent 11 weeks in hospital until our beautiful boy, Alby, was born seven weeks early.”

Bert and Patti’s daughter Lauren took to Instagram to announce the birth of her sixth child, sharing a photo of her husband Matt, in his surgical mask holding their newborn baby boy. She wrote in the caption: “Alby James Newton Welsh Born at 8:20 on 20/8/2020. We are so grateful to the amazing @dr_stephencole and the wonderful team at @frances_perry_house. It has been a long journey and we are so thrilled to have gorgeous Alby here safely. He is 7 weeks early but doing really well.”

When Lauren had her first child, Sam, “I never realised just how much I would love motherhood and how it would change me. These years are by far the best of my life, and even the messy, hard and difficult days I wouldn’t change for the world.”

As a mum of six children, the 41-year-old told the weekly magazine that “life is very busy. I am so lucky to share this journey with a wonderful husband and very helpful parents, but it’s definitely a full-time job.”

Lauren Newton Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @laurenelisenewton.

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