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Joslynn Rose Biography – Joslynn Rose Wiki

Joslynn Rose is an American singer, magician’s assistant and a contestant on season 24 of NBC’s The Voice.

Teen singer Rose, works as an assistant for illusionist Max Fleet.She performs in southwest Minnesota. She was part of a show with Max Fleet at the Lake Benton Opera House in September 2023. On October 7, 2023 she appeared in the “Tune Into Magic” show with Fleet and magician Sean Wilson at the Red Baron Arena in Marshall.

According to an interview before her performance, Rose said she has always loved watching “The Voice,” and she and her cousins even used to put on pretend versions of the show during family gatherings.

“I just thought it was so cool and, so fun,” she said. When she got the opportunity to audition, she took it.

Joslynn Rose Age

As of 2023, Rose is 16 years old. She comes from Lake Benton, Minnesota, US.

Joslynn Rose The Voice

She is a contestant on NBC’s The Voice: Blind Auditions season 24. On the premiere episode, Rose sang “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence. In turn three out of the four judges’ Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, and Reba McEntire spinned their chairs around.

John Legend commented on her performance by saying, “You have so much power in your voice. But I was like, wow, this tone is gorgeous, and it’s doing the Billie Eilish thing, and I’m feeling some regret that I didn’t turn now.”

Stefani commented on Rose’s age: “I had no idea that you were gonna be so young. The way you sing is so emotional. That’s really rare to do even if you’re old. You are amazing to be able to connect to a lyric you didn’t write, so I would love to work with you.”

Horan asked: “That was so good. Can I ask you why you chose that song?” “The reason that I love music is because I want to emotionally connect with everybody,” she said.

“I was 16 when I came on a show like this,” Horan said. “It’s not an easy task, and you just believe in your gift and you came here. You put on a show for us, and I would love for you to be on Team Niall.”

Judge McEntire concluded the judge’s comments saying, “You are an old soul. Even though I did catch up a little bit later on the connecting part. I have had people help me with eye contact and how to make sure that everybody in the audience feels like you’re looking at them. The things that I learned the hard way, I’m very glad to share with you if I could be your coach.”

Rose chose Team Stefani. Stefani, excitedly threw her shoes in all the commotion.

“She is very dynamic and stylistic. I love to work with young Artists, Joslynn is that girl,” Stefani said. “And now all my dreams are coming true!”

Joslynn Rose Parents

Teen singer Rose, went for the auditions with her mother, Yolanda who was there to give her support. A resident of Lake Benton, Minnesota, she lives with her parents, and eight sisters.

Her family has fostered over 20 children in the past, and they are currently fostering three.

“With foster care, you never really know how long a child is going to stay; you have to learn to let them go,” Rose said, fighting back tears in the episode. “When that happens, I would just cry at my piano, and take all the hurt and release it through my song.”

Joslynn Rose Boyfriend

Singer Rose is currently single. In an interview with NBC Rose said, “Even though I haven’t experienced a romantic relationship like the song is getting across, it made me realize how much people need love and how broken people can get.”


The singer is of American nationality. She hails from Lake Benton, Minnesota, United States.


Her Instagram handle is @rose_joslynn.