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Jordan Rainer Biography – Jordan Rainer Wiki

Jordan Rainer is an American award-winning country music singer, guitarist and a contestant on NBC’s The Voice.

Singer Jordan released her latest EP, Revolver, in June 2023. In 2023, she dropped a number of singles, including “Better Liar,” “Straight Shot,” and “Painted Horses.” Her music is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Country music singer Rainer became the winner of New Female Vocalist of the Year on March 27, 2023 and became the Texas Regional Radio Music Award’s New Female Vocalist of the Year!

Additionally, she also won the Future Faces Award at T3R Music Awards on March 26, 2023 according to Facebook.

Jordan Rainer The Voice

Country music singer Jordan Rainer who calls herself ‘Country Music’s Woman In Black’ is a contestant in the 24th season of NBC’s The Voice : Blind Auditions. In her blind auditions that took place on September 25, 2023, she sang the cover of Reba McEntire’s song Fancy.

Rainer earned herself a Four-Chair turn. The Coaches had incredible things to say about her performance.

“I heard an exceptional vocalist on this stage,” Legend told Rainer. “Any of us would be lucky to work with you. Why did you pick that particular Reba song?”

“Because it’s the best,” Rainer said in response, earning an applause from the audience. “It was written by a strong woman [Bobbie Gentry]. It was made famous by a strong woman. And it represents, lyrically, what women do to survive. I am a woman who has done what I’ve had to do to survive. I feel that song in every bone in my body.”

The Coaches certainly felt Rainer’s passion for the song. Horan was so keen on getting Rainer to pick him that he got a little crafty with his button. He employed his good buddy Blake Shelton to record some complimentary things about him that played whenever he tapped his buzzer. “Niall is like a son to me,” Shelton said first, followed by “Niall is a global superstar” and “Niall is an attractive guy.”

Jordan is originally from Atoka, Oklahoma. She told Reba that she recently performed at Reba’s Place in her hometown.

The Oklahoma born country singer stuck to McEntire and picked her as her Coach.

Jordan Rainer Age

Country singer Jordan Rainer is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born in Atoka, Oklahoma and was raised in Texas. She currently lives in Nashville Tennesee.

Jordan Rainer Husband

Jordan Rainer was married to her husband however they separated. She moved to Nashville in 2015 with her husband and dog.


The country music singer is of American nationality. She was born in Atoka, Oklahoma, United States.


Her Instagram handle is @thejordanrainer.