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Francesca Farago Biography – Francesca Farago Wiki

Francesca Farago is a Canadian model and social media influencer. She is a contestant on Netflix’s dating shows “Too Hot to Handle”.

She owns and operates Francesca Farago Merch, an online shop where one can shop hand drawn hoodies, t-shirts and sweat pants designs of Francesca by local artists! She is also in the process of launching an eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable, biodegradable fashion line called Farago the Label.

Francesca Farago Age

Francesca Farago is 25 years old.

Francesca Farago Boyfriend

Francesca Farago previously dated star DJ Diplo. She once tattooed an ex-boyfriend’s name on the inside of her mouth, according to The Standard UK.

Francesca Farago Instagram

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