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Christine Dawood Biography – Christine Dawood Wiki

Christine Dawood is the wife of Shahzada Dawood, who is on board the missing Titanic submersible alongside his 19-year-old son, Suleman Dawood. Mr Dawood and his German-born wife, Christine, are keen nature and animal lovers, and photographs on social media show the couple enjoying walking holidays in Scotland.

Mr Dawood, who is a global board member for the charity The Prince’s Trust, was educated in both the US and Britain. He was born in Pakistan and moved to the UK to study law at the University of Buckingham. He then went on to study a Master’s in textile marketing in 2000 at Philadelphia University.

Mr Dawood currently serves as vice chairman of Engro Corporation, a Karachi-based energy conglomerate that is one of the largest in Pakistan. In 2020, Shahzada also represented Engro and the Dawood Hercules Corporation – a chemical company founded by his grandfather, Ahmed Dawood, where he is also vice chairman – at the United Nations, speaking about the role of technology in agriculture.

Shahzada Dawood Wife – Shahzada Dawood Christine Dawood

Shahzada Dawood and his German-born wife, Christine Dawood, live in Surbiton, Surrey with their son Suleman Dawood and daughter Alina Dawood.

A neighbour described the family as the “nicest” people, adding that Christine Dawood, who works as a life coach, is passionate about gardening.

Ellen Maby, 43, told The Telegraph that she had messaged the family this morning but had had no response. She described them as a lovely family and said that wife Christine “is very into her gardening, it puts ours to shame”, adding that the family are “transient” and often travelling away from home.

“They’re the nicest, nicest neighbours to have, they are really sweet and kind,” she told The Telegraph.

“She has the most amazing garden – she’s just the nicest person. When my mum was really ill last year she was sending flowers, she always said come round whenever you want,” she said. “Christine came to my 40th. They are so nice.”

Christine Dawood Age

Shahzada Dawood’s wife, Christine Dawood, was born in Germany. Her age is currently not known.