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Rebecca Houghton Biography – Rebecca Houghton Wiki

Rebecca Houghton is a professional violin maker and restorer and expert on BBC’s The Repair Shop. She is the proprietor of Viva Violins, a luthier business based in North Devon, England, United Kingdom. Viva Violins was established in October 2008.

The Repair Shop expert Rebecca Houghton graduated from Newark College’s School of Musical Instrument Crafts with a musical instrument crafts (violin making and repair) degree in 2008.

She is the author of “The Essential Handbook for Violinists, Violists and Fiddle Players,” a complete guide to the violin/viola for players of all standards, teachers and parents who need essential advice on caring for their instrument. Packed with facts and information, it de-mystifies everything from changing strings and choosing a chin rest to dealing with slipping pegs and one-off emergency scenarios. Houghton’s book couples close-up photography with a practical guide that helps to improve life as a musician, according to The Strad.

Rebecca Houghton Age

Becky Houghton was born Rebecca Louise Houghton in February 1972.

Rebecca Houghton The Repair Shop

Violin maker and restorer Rebecca Houghton is an expert on BBC One’s The Repair Shop. The show sees family heirlooms restored by experts.

Houghton, who specialises in making and restoring stringed instruments, was drafted to the prime-time BBC One programme to help restore a fragile violin dating back more than 100 years. The episode started filming in August 2021 with Houghton challenged to restore a German trade violin for a family whose great-grandfather played professionally in orchestras and jazz bands after moving to Europe from the Caribbean in the 1920s.

The painstaking restoration of the much-treasured keepsake took several weeks to complete, including removing the front, fixing cracks, restoring the bow, and replacing the strings.

“From the moment I stepped into the barn I loved it,” said Houghton. “The other restorers and craftspeople were exactly as they appear on the TV — warm, kind and lovely. I really enjoyed being part of the show and it must have been well received as they are currently looking for other instruments for me to fix.”

Peter Smith, a violin making and repair tutor at Newark College, said: “Becky was an engaging, intelligent, and articulate student so it’s no surprise that together with her violin making and repair skills that she arrives on our TV screens to engage the nation and draw us into the mysterious world of the inner workings of the violin.”

Rebecca Houghton Nationality

She is of British nationality.