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Vivienne Player Biography – Vivienne Player Wiki

Vivienne Player (maiden name Vivienne Verwey) is the wife of Gary Player, a South African retired professional golfer. Vivienne would often travel with Gary on his global excursions, serving as a tutor to their children. She was the sister of professional Bobby Verwey, who won several tournaments including the 1991 Senior British Open.

Gary Player Wife – Gary Player Vivienne Player

Vivienne Player is the wife of Gary Player. Childhood sweethearts, Gary first asked Vivienne to marry him at 15 years old. Gary Player married Vivienne Verwey eventually married on 19 January 1957, and celebrated their 64th anniversary earlier this year and, together, the couple had six children and 22 grandchildren.

On their 64th wedding anniversary on January 19, 2020, Gary wrote on Twitter: “Today is our 64th wedding anniversary. Vivienne has been my rock and helped me achieve success beyond my wildest dreams. It’s been a difficult year seeing her battle cancer but it’s made me realize what a special life we’ve shared. A wife like no other. I love you, Viv.”

Speaking about their years together, Gary told Tennis World: “She is the best wife that any man could ever wish for. You know, no other woman would have stayed with me. I spent more time on airplanes than any one in this planet.

“And she stayed home with the kids. Sometimes she could join me in America, but it took 40 hours in those days, because the plane had to stop four times. And there weren’t beds on the plane, or television to keep you entertained. But these are the type of things Vivienne accepted so that I could play golf.”

Their lifetime of love began the day 14-year-old Gary Player stood on the stonewall next to his parents’ home to see what the girl next door looks like. “That day, I told my brother she is the girl I’m going to marry. He thought I was crazy!”, Gary said in an interview with Tennis World.

Vivienne Player Age – Gary Player Wife Age

How old is Gary player’s wife? She passed away on August 18, 2021, after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Vivienne Player’s age is 84 years old. Her husband, Gary Player, was born on 1 November 1935, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Vivienne Player Death

Gary Player’s wife, Vivienne Player, died at the age of 84 on August 18, 2021, after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer, Hall of Famer Gary Player confirmed the sad news in a statement. The statement read: “The unthinkable has happened. My wife of 64 years, my childhood sweetheart, my rock, and my soulmate Vivienne has lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.

“I cannot describe the deep sense of sadness I feel at having lost the one person who has always meant the world to me. Vivienne has been a constant in my life from the moment I first set eyes on her when I was 14.

“She fully supported my career and raised our six children almost single-handedly while I was touring the world playing golf. She was a devoted wife, a loving mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a wonderful human being who cared so deeply for others and lived her life in service to others.

“Vivienne taught me the value of love, faith and trust. She taught our children those same values, and they were blessed to have a mother who lived those values every single day.

“When we first met, I had no doubt it was love at first sight and it turned out to be a love story of a lifetime. I believe it will also be so when we are finally together again. Until then, I will miss my Viv dearly.”

The PGA Tour, USGA and R&A were among those who sent their condolences to Player on social media. Phil Mickelson tweeted: “We all feel your immense loss and sadness. I’m appreciative to have gotten to know her and I know how much you loved sharing your life with her. Our hearts are with you and your family.”

Tom Watson wrote on Twitter: “We in the golfing world send you and your family our deepest sympathies in this time of great sorrow. Vivienne always shined a light anywhere she went. We will miss her greatly.”

Vivienne Player Cause of Death

Vivienne Player’s cause of death was pancreatic cancer.

Vivienne Player Cancer – Vivienne Verwey Health

Gary Player’s wife, Vivienne Player, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2020. “There is no doubt. The cancer will come get her . . . I just don’t know when,” Gary said in an interview about the illness that his wife, Vivienne, had been fighting.

Since her diagnosis, South Africa’s most successful golfer told Tennis World: “We are taking it a day at a time. My life was so full of love. I’m grateful for it. If my wife goes, all that love will go with her and that would be very difficult for me. I am used to give her hugs; I tell her five times a day how much I love her. It will be difficult – I’m so used to having her next to me.”

In August 2020, Gary wrote in a Facebook post: “After 63 years of marriage, my wife Vivienne and I have been through it all. When Vivienne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was a massive shock to me and all our family. Thankfully she was able to attend the world-leading Issels Medical Center in California and her results have been nothing short of incredible. Her road to recovery is not over, but she is well on her way. Thank you to everybody who has reached out and showed their support, we truly appreciate it.”

Vivienne Player Children

Vivienne Player and Gary Player have six children, 22 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Their six children are: Jennifer, Marc, Wayne, Michele, Theresa and Amanda.

Vivienne Player Family

Vivienne Player was the daughter of former South African PGA champion Jock Verwey. She was the sister of professional Bobby Verwey, who won several tournaments including the 1991 Senior British Open.

Vivienne Player Net Worth

Vivienne Player’s net worth is unclear. Her husband, Gary Player has an estimated net worth of $250 Million. Gary and Vivienne have raised more than $62 million for underprivileged children’s education globally thanks to charitable efforts including The Player Foundation and the Gary Player Invitational series tournaments, according to Golf Monthly.

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