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Anoushka Nara Giltsoff Biography – Anoushka Nara Giltsoff Wiki

Anoushka Nara Giltsoff is the wife of Sean Lock, best known for his role on 8 Out Of 10 Cats and sitcom 15 Storeys High. Sean Lock passed away at the age of 58 following a battle with cancer. The comedian and actor died at home with his family by his side.

Sean Lock’s agent released a statement announcing his sad passing on Wednesday 18 August 2021 via Off The Kerb Productions. The statement read: “It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Sean Lock. He died at home from cancer, surrounded by his family.

“Sean was one of Britain’s finest comedians, his boundless creativity, lightning wit and the absurdist brilliance of his work, marked him out as a unique voice in British comedy.

“Sean was also a cherished husband and father to three children. Sean will be sorely missed by all that knew him. We kindly request that the privacy of his family and children is respected at this difficult time.”

Sean Lock Wife – Sean Lock Anoushka Nara Giltsoff

Who is Sean Lock’s wife? Sean Lock was married to Anoushka Nara Giltsoff. She is a businesswoman. The comedian praised his wife Anoushka Nara Giltsoff for taking care of their family. Sean suffered from skin cancer in his 20s, and his wife ensured their children were protected whenever they were outside – a protective move that Sean praised his wife for.

He said in a past interview: “My partner Anoushka is excellent about sun protection, and if it’s hot, she makes sure she puts SPF50 cream on the children before they step out of the house.”

In an interview with TimeOut back in 2010, Sean explained how he and his wife found the perfect work-life balance for themselves and their family.

The TV and stage star said: “Every time I come back me and the wife have arguments and I fall out with the kids.

“The problem is she doesn’t know anything about how hard my job is and likewise I’ve forgotten how hard her job is. That’s the hard bit, but you get over it.

“Recently my wife said, the best thing to do when you come back is just shut the f**k up. Don’t say anything. Don’t get involved. Know your position. You’re the lowest in the family; you’re right behind the baby on the list of important things. Stay there. And strangely, that worked.”

Anoushka Nara Giltsoff Children – Anoushka Nara Giltsoff Family

Comedian Sean Lock was married to 48-year-old businesswoman Anoushka Nara Giltsoff and together they have three children; a daughter born in 2004, a second daughter born in 2006, and a son born in 2009.

Anoushka Nara Giltsoff Age

She was born in February 1973. Anoushka Nara Giltsoff’s age is 48 years old.

Anoushka Nara Giltsoff Net Worth

Anoushka Nara Giltsoff’s net worth is unclear. Her husband, Sean Lock, had an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Anoushka Nara Giltsoff Instagram

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