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Vivian Vanderpuss Biography – Vivian Vanderpuss Wiki

Vivian Vanderpuss, real name Mackenzie Lemire, is a Canadian drag performer featured on the third season of Canada’s Drag Race and in the docu-series Canada’s a Drag.

In drag, Vivian doesn’t always present as female, she also plays with non-binary and hyper-king characters.

Vivian loves styling her own wigs into all sorts of fabulous vintage styles, and enjoys creating looks out of fabulous vintage finds.

A “Quirky cat mother and solution to the rat problem,” Vivian has two beautiful cats, Apple and Bijou.

Originally from Kingsville, Ontario, Vivian moved to Victoria, British Columbia, on a whim and then started their transition into drag performing.

“It was like a very slow transition,” Vivian told CBC. “It started with my love for vintage clothing and then my love for vintage women’s clothing. It was me sitting on my bed with the fur coat on and the clip on earrings and talking about my ex-husband Donovan, which I don’t have…The Vanderpuss in Vivian Vanderpuss came from the idea of like, a bougie divorcee Vanderpump kind of thing combined with my adoration of cats.”

“I’ve really enjoyed sharing my drag through social media because I can really effectively communicate characters and their backstory…She’s the jazz hands to your spirit fingers, the indigestion to your all-you-can-eat buffet and the ‘oi what did I step on’ to that gum you just stepped on. If camp was a topping at Subway, she’d ask, ‘Um, could you put a little more please?'”

In her own words: “Drag, to me, is living the fantasy. Sometimes I want to be the most beautiful woman in the world — and then sometimes I want to look like a swamp monster.”

Vivian specializes in live Drag performance and MCing. A vivacious vintage vixen, Vivian has been bringing light and joy to Victoria International Airport (YYJ) since 2017.

Vivian Vanderpuss Age

Drag artist Vivian Vanderpuss is 29 years old (2022).

Vivian Vanderpuss Real Name

Vivian Vanderpuss’s real name is Mackenzie Lemire.

Vivian Vanderpuss Canada’s Drag Race

Drag performer Vivian Vanderpuss is a contestant on the third season of Canada’s Drag Race, a docu-series from CBC Arts that showcases drag artists from across the true North strong and fierce.

Vivian Vanderpuss Pronouns

Lemire uses the pronouns she/her in drag and he/him out of drag.

Vivian Vanderpuss Instagram

Vivian Vanderpuss’s Instagram is @vivianvanderpuss.