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Miss Fiercalicious Biography – Miss Fiercalicious Wiki

Miss Fiercalicious is a Toronto-born and raised drag entertainer and contestant on the third season of Canada’s Drag Race. The drag performer’s preferred pronouns out of drag are he/him and in drag are she/her. She was featured in Lights’ music video for the song Prodigal Daughter.

In University, Miss Fiercalicious studied biology with the aim of becoming a doctor, she ultimately left school when she found drag to focus solely on her new passion.

Fiercalicious is one of the few Canadian drag artists to be featured in Cosmopolitan’s Cosmo Queen Series. “I’m honored to be one of the first Canadian drag artists to be featured in Cosmo Queens and I hope to shine a spotlight on the vast talent that can be found in Canada.”

As to where the name ‘Miss Fiercalicious’ came from, the Toronto drag queen told View the Vibe: “The name Miss Fiercalicious started off as a joke between me and my best friend years before I started doing drag. Once I started drag I loved the name and it stuck! I think it describes me perfectly, I’m fierce but also delicious.”

On the drag scene in Toronto, the Toronto drag queen said: “The drag scene in Toronto is very competitive due to the fact that there are only a limited number of venues and opportunities for performing and there are so many drag artists and new ones emerging often. However, the drag scene in Toronto is also very close because we all love and support each other, and want each other to succeed. It’s important to realize that other people’s success does not mean you are a failure, and that they can open the door to many more opportunities for you.”

In an interview with FASHION Magazine, the Canada’s Drag Race star shared her hair story, saying:

“My journey with my hair has been a long one. When I was younger, my peers would tease me because of my hair texture, which made me self-conscious and led me to straighten it every day before school. Society poses so many gender norms onto hair and makes us believe that long hair isn’t for boys. That mindset had an effect on me until I discovered drag and my untouched passion for it. I have since learned to embrace every aspect of myself, including my long, curly, beautiful hair.

“When I first started doing drag, I looked up to Ariana Grande. Her signature look is her high ponytail so I started growing my hair out so that I could style my natural hair in a ponytail as well. As the years progressed, so did my drag, and I began experimenting with different wigs and hairstyles. There are so many components in making Miss Fiercalicious come to life including the makeup, the outfit, the jewelry, and the nails, but my alter ego is complete once I put on my hair. Wigs are amazing because I can style them in so many different ways and achieve multiple looks without having to bleach or dye my natural locks.”

Miss Fiercalicious Age

Miss Fiercalicious was born on August 7, 1996, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is 25 years old (2022).

Miss Fiercalicious Canada’s Drag Race

Miss Fiercalicious is a contestant on the third season of Canada’s Drag Race, a 10-episode, one-hour original competition series that follows Canadian drag artists as they compete for the title of “Canada’s Next Drag Superstar.”

In her own words: “There has never been a queen like me on Canada’s Drag Race. I’m not like other girls. I’m worse.”

Miss Fiercalicious Height

Miss Fiercalicious stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.6764 m) tall.

Miss Fiercalicious Ethnicity

Miss Fiercalicious is a Canadian of European and African ethnicity. She is half Romanian and half Cape Verdean.

Miss Fiercalicious Instagram

Miss Fiercalicious’ Instagram is @missfiercalicious.