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Jada Shada Hudson Biography – Jada Shada Hudson Wiki

Jada Shada Hudson is a drag queen performer, contestant on Canada’s Drag Race Season 3 and recurring panelist on the hit show, “1 Queen, 5 Queers” on CraveTV. The Toronto’s Turnup Queen appeared as drag queen Paper in the comedy series “Queens” on CbcGem.

“It was really, really, really chilly,” Hudson said about the outdoor shoot. “And my outfit was not really winter. There were some girls, they were wearing scarves and mittens and everything, and I am there in a plastic jacket. But it was so fun to be a part of this project.”

Originally from Barbados, Hudson can lip sync and dance. She performs mainly at Garage for her “Don’t Wing It, Wig It” events. However, she also does events all around the Greater Toronto Area.

In her own words: “I didn’t choose drag, drag chose me, and I am so happy it did. Jada Shada Hudson is that strength and confidence I don’t have when I am my regular self and baby, is she powerful! The power to make any audience, any ages fall in love with not only her performances but that loving bubbly personality as well. Watch out world… the turn-up queen is taking over the scene!”

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Barbados, Hudson is no stranger to the arts. She began performing in professional theater at a young age. While living in Barbados, Jada was heavily involved in theatre, performing professionally at the national level with Barbados’ leading dance troupe.

After honing her prowess as a performer with the leading dance troupe in her home country of Barbados, Hudson immigrated to Canada in 2009. Despite initially performing in talent shows as a male entertainer, Torontonians quickly recognized her potential and recommended she enter the next show as a drag queen.

Jada has been no stranger to Toronto’s drag scene, having “residency performances” nightly in almost every gay bar and night club in downtown Toronto.

Hudson is now one of Canada’s most popular drag performers and has established herself as a top draw, not only for Toronto’s drag scene, but for queer celebrations across the country.

Hudson’s high energy, dance filled performances, which have resonated with her audiences has gained her the title of #Toronto’sTurnupQueen and has also garnered her a fan base who refer to themselves as “The Hudson Dollz.”

She has gained notoriety for being bubbly and gracious which garnered the attention of top brands in campaigns for Spotify, Fireball, Bud light and BMO among others.

Her resume includes not only working 6 nights a week at every bar, club and restaurants in the Gay Village but other venues in Toronto nightlife such as Bisha Hotel, Soho House etc.

Jada Shada Hudson Age

Canada’s Drag Race queen Jada Shada Hudson is 37 years old (2022). She was born and raised on the island of Barbados.

Jada Shada Hudson Name

Her drag name is borrowed from two Black performers she admires, actor Jada Pinkett Smith and singer Jennifer Hudson.

Jada Shada Hudson Canada’s Drag Race

The Toronto drag queen is a contestant on the third season of Canada’s Drag Race, a 10-episode, one-hour original competition series that follows Canadian drag artists as they compete for the title of “Canada’s Next Drag Superstar.”

Jada Shada Hudson Gender

Toronto drag queen Jada Shada Hudson is Male. The drag performer uses the pronouns She/Her in drag and He/Him out of drag.

Jada Shada Hudson Instagram

Jada Shada Hudson’s Instagram is @jadashadahudson.