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Shreya Tiwari is a Cyber Security Consultant from London and a contestant on MasterChef UK 2024. Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Shreya moved to the UK to do her degree in Cyber Security Engineering at the University of Warwick.

She told the BBC about her earliest cooking memory: “I fell in love with food when I was nine and my younger sister asked me to make her something ‘nice’ for her. Back then, the internet wasn’t as easily accessible as it is now, so I experimented with an Indian household staple – some leftover Dal and rice – and tried making a risotto out of it. My sister loved the idea of garlic and cheese in her ‘boring’ Dal and rice and thus began my love for experimenting with food.”

Shreya’s style of cooking is inspired by her mother. She said: “She would always try to get us to appreciate the simplicity of homemade Indian food. I would often experiment with her recipes and add my own twists to them.”

Shreya Tiwari Age

MasterChef contestant Shreya Tiwari was born in 1997 in Kolkata, India. She is 27 years old as of 2024.

Shreya Tiwari MasterChef

27-year-old Shreya Tiwari is a contestant on the 20th series of MasterChef UK on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. She is among the contestants cooking for judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace in the third heat of MasterChef 2024, alongside Charlie, Enya Ayisha, Lee Jenkins, Peter Le and Saffron Hodgson.

She told the BBC about her earliest MasterChef memories: “I think I was 10 when I first watched MasterChef and it’s a core memory. I especially enjoyed the Mystery Challenges. I would spend hours thinking about what I would have made if I was in the kitchen and rate the dishes that were made by the contestants.

MasterChef has changed through the years and there have been lots of cooks who have experimented with Indian food. I think the MasterChef kitchen has been representative of the kitchens around the world but I’m yet to see food like my mum made for us at home – so I’m excited to showcase it myself.”

Shreya has wanted to participate in the BBC competition since she was 10. She said: “I always thought that I would be a part of this competition in some way. I’ve been imagining what I would make in the MasterChef kitchen since I was 10. I also wanted to do something for myself and MasterChef came at the right time for me. I like to think I am meant for big things in life!”

Shreya Tiwari Ethnicity

MasterChef 2024 contestant Shreya Tiwari is of Indian heritage.


Shreya Tiwari’s Instagram handle is shreya_tiwari222.