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Saurabh Kalra Biography – Saurabh Kalra Wiki

Saurabh Kalra is a furniture upcycler and the cofounder of RetroEnterior alongside his partner Fernando. He appears on the first series of BBC 1 Make it at Market.

Upcycler Saurabh originally came from India. Together with Fernando, they are Co-Founders of RetroEnterior. They both always have been keen on being eco-friendly.

When back in 2018, they began upcycling home furniture, it occurred to them that so much furniture that has been meant for landfill can be rescued and reused by many, once redecorated. So they both decided to upcycle furniture professionally.

The duo have bespoke Home Decor items and Upcycled Furniture. They also provide Upholstery Services.

The partners have participated in BBC One Show, Money for Nothing Series 13 Episode 11 in 2022. They are also official brand ambassadors for Cornish Milk Mineral Paint (Eco Friendly) according to their website.

Saurabh Kalra Age

The furniture upcycler is originally from India.

Saurabh Kalra Make it at Market

India-born furniture upcycler Saurabh Kalra appears on the first series of BBC 1tv show Make it at Market. The show sees The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea work with a team of business and craft experts to help a group of budding entrepreneurs make a living from their crafting hobby.

They jointly announced on an Instagram post: “We thought it was the right time to make the big announcements that we will be seen in another TV program on 12th January at 4:30 pm on BBC One. It’s called “Make it at Market”.

“This will be again telecast on BBC Two at 7:15 am on 13th January.

After the episode went up on air, they wrote in an Instagram post: ” Thank you to everyone who has watched our episode from
@makeitatmarket. If you have not watched, watch us S1-E9 on Iplayer. We can’t believe it’s coming to an end already tomorrow.”

“You might have noticed since the program there is a lot of new style furniture that has been added to our website/page.”

“So if you have not visited please do visit our website ( link in bio) and look at our latest collections.”

“Here is the next one we did, Rustic Red botanical dresser. Painted in white and red strips using rustic red from @dixiebellepaint and we used transfer from @aussiedecortransfers and Stenciled sides and inside using FAN stencil again from @aussiedecortransfers .”

Saurabh Kalra Instagram

Furniture upcycler Saurabh has a shared Instagram handle with his business partner @retroenterior.