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Samuel Wilco Biography – Samuel Wilco Wiki

Samuel Wilco also known as Samuel Woodberry is an American music artist, a milliary officer, and a contestant in the American Reality Show The Voice season 18. He grew up singing in church and always wanted to be a graphic artist. He planned to get an art scholarship, but at the age of 18, an army recruiter offered him $40,000 for college if he enlisted, and so he did.
The artist would sing during basic training and was encouraged by his drill sergeant to continue pursuing music. Samuel has now been in the army for 21 years, is an instructor at the army’s recruiting college and owns a design company on the side. After continuous support from his family and fellow soldiers, he decided to come to “The Voice” to make music his top priority.

Samuel Wilco The Voice

He sang the song Lately in the blind audition and managed to turn two chairs; Kelly’s and Nick’s. However, after his performance, he chose to join Team Jonas. Nick Jonas will be his voice coach as the show continues to air.

Samuel Wilco Age

He was born in 1982 in Lake City, California in the United States. He is 39 years old.
He currently resides in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Samuel Wilco Wife

He is a married man however information relating to his family and whether he has children is not known to the public. He keeps his private life at low key.

Samuel Wilco Profession

He is a musical artist with a youtube channel as well as a military officer for quite a long time. He is also passionate about graphic design.

Samuel Wilco Nationality

He holds American nationality.

Samuel Wilco Instagram

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