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Samantha “Sam” Pascal is a British entrepreneur and founder of Hot N Juicy Shrimp LDN, a seafood boil chain, with takeaways in Bethnal Green and Woodgreen operating out of dark kitchens. Hot N Juicy Shrimp LDN was founded in 2019 with the idea of bringing authentic Southern American flavours to the United Kingdom.

“My business is called Hot N Juicy Shrimp LDN. It is a seafood boil chain, with takeaways in Bethnal Green and Woodgreen operating out of dark kitchens,” Sam said about her business. “We are an innovative industry-leading brand providing the best seafood boil experience by holding residencies around London with an online store selling our addictive sauce and spice blend, which is available for nationwide steaming. Hot N Juicy Shrimp LDN is a brand that stays trending across social media.”

In May 2018, Samantha Pascal and her business partner Jusnah Gadi traveled to Las Vegas where they tried a Seafood Boil, a Louisianan Cajun seafood dish. They fell in love with the dish and upon returning to the U.K. found restaurants that would serve them but “they were never as good as the meal we had in the U.S.” they told Forbes. Sam suggested they start their own company bringing the famous dish over to the U.K. in the right way. Initially, Gadi was hesitant but Pascal went about attempting to replicate the authentic taste starting Hot n Juicy Shrimp Ldn, Gadi later agreed to join realising it was a viable business.

Sam studied Forensic science and investigative analysis at Kingston University. She started a beauty business selling hair extensions and offering styling to clients alongside a catalogue of different businesses spanning over the course of 9 years, before launching Yoni Divinity, a feminine care brand, in March 2021.

Samantha Pascal Age

Samantha Pascal was born in May 1991. She is 31 years old as of 2023.

Samantha Pascal Future Food Stars

Samantha Pascal is a contestant on series 2 of Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars. She will battle it out with other contestants for a shot at securing a £150,000 investment in their business and the chance to become business partners with chef Ramsay.

“I wanted to take part in the show mainly because I wanted to win the investment from Gordon Ramsay but I had other reasons,” Sam said. “I wanted to learn from Gordon, and become a better businesswoman, take skills back with me that could solidify and improve my business. [I] wanted to challenge myself and really put myself on the line, really test everything I have learnt in business over the years and see whether it can be applied under pressure.”

“My final reason is life is too short and unpredictable, which is something I learnt after two heart operations so I’m all about experiencing new and exciting things, really living and pushing my limits!”

Posting on Instagram, Hot N Juicy Shrimp LDN wrote: “We can finally reveal that one of our founders and CEO is one of Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars.

“This opportunity comes at the perfect time as @hotnjuicyshrimpldn enters its next phase of growth. If won, Gordon Ramsey will become a business partner which is an invaluable resource!! His guidance, mentorship and investment means that we can scale with an expert who has done and seen it all in an industry we are still learning so much about!”

Samantha Pascal Nationality

Sam is of British nationality.

Samantha Pascal Instagram

Samantha Pascal’s Instagram handle is @_samanthapascal.