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Hebe Ibbotson Biography – Hebe Ibbotson Wiki

Hebe Ibbotson is a Bournemouth entrepreneur, founder of BooChaCha Ltd and a contestant on series two of Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars. BooChaCha is a company focused on making home-brewing kombucha easy and accessible to everyone.

“The focus of my business BooChaCha is home-brew Kombucha,” Hebe said about her business. “I sell beautiful, handpainted starter kits, which include everything you need to make the first month of daily kombucha servings, and leave customers with the knowledge and set-up to brew forever, in a simple and faff-free way.”

“From my own experiences with a history of poor gut health, I am really passionate about how small changes to diet and lifestyle can have a huge impact on our total health and wellness. This has led me to start running a series of events, including brewing workshops, Kombucha mix-up parties and offering varied sessions at yoga retreats, cooking classes, and celebrations too! These events are completely tailored to each individual / event organisers preference, and are available all over the UK, and can include starter kit demo, simple, but realistic tips for improving gut-health, SCOBY show off session, mixed up Kombucha cocktails, mocktails, health shots, anything and everything!”

Hebe is also a design engineer at Packline Ltd in Poole, England, United Kingdom. This is her second stint at Packline having served in the same role from Feb 2017 – Jan 2019.

She previously worked as a Mechanical Fitter at Aish Technologies Ltd from Jun 2020 – Apr 2021. She was a volunteer with the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre in Bali Province, Indonesia from Mar 2019 – May 2019.

Hebe was an engineering designer at AB Precision in Bournemouth, United Kingdom from Aug 2014 – Feb 2017, as well as a Swimming Instructor at the Purbeck Sports Centre from Apr 2008 – Aug 2010. She was the Brand Ambassador of Cellar Trends in Cardiff from Oct 2011 – Jun 2012.

Hebe graduated from Cardiff University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Engineering, according to her Linkedin profile. She studied for an online and part practical course in Bicycle Maintenance from International Open Academy.

Hebe Ibbotson Age

Hebe Ibbotson was born in November 1991. She is 31 years old as of 2023.

Hebe Ibbotson Future Food Stars

Bournemouth entrepreneur Hebe Ibbotson is a contestant on series two of Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars. The eight-week show features 12 budding food and drink entrepreneurs who compete for a £150,000 investment from Ramsay.

Hebe said: “At the time of filming, my business was less than one year old, which meant that I was still learning so much about how you even begin to start a business, and what skills and discipline I would need to build in myself.

“The most interesting thing for me was hearing about how the other contenders had begun their businesses and what challenges they had faced in the first couple of years.

“If all of us had one thing in common, it would be that we all had a resilience which had allowed us to push through a whole range of different situations, both in life and business.”

Hebe Ibbotson Instagram

Hebe Ibbotson’s Instagram handle is @heebs_xox.