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Ryan Argast is a 31-year-old songwriter from Chicago and frontman for the alternative rock band Marina City. He is a contestant on the 25th season of The Voice Blind Auditions which premiered on February 26, 2024, on NBC.

Argast started performing as a child.Even before stepping on the stage, he shared his excitement to compete on The Voice as he posted an old clip of him performing as a child. He captioned the post, writing, “To sing in basements, to Thalia Hall, to @nbcthevoice on Monday!

For more than a decade, he has put his soul into the vocals of Marina City’s electrifying rock and alt-pop songs on Chicago-area stages.

He has also sung in multiple bands since he was in the fifth grade. Ryan came to the stage focused and single-minded. He knew what he wanted, and which Team he wanted, and set out to make that clear from the jump. “To me, the most important thing as a singer is being a storyteller. There’s no one doing that better than Dan + Shay.”

Marina City has released four singles in 2023 – “Tanzanite” and stripped-down versions of three previously released songs, “Better Weather,” “Keep Your Faith in Me” and “Oh Chicago.” For Marina City, that’s just the most recent in a long line of releases that includes EPs in 2017 “Terminal” and 2020 (“The Crush”), and a full-length album (“The Simulation”) in 2022.

On Instagram, Ryan shares that he wrote the lyrics for “Oh Chicago” as part of an English project — when he was just 15. The band first released the song in 2012.

As for his solo music, Ryan released an EP called “Twice on Sundays” in 2022. It is filled with songs he wrote during the pandemic, songs he considered “too personal for me to release under a band name and hide behind my bandmates.”

The songs include the excellent “Empty Chair,” a song he wrote after a grandparent died. And “Vows,” a song he and his wife used for the first dance at their wedding.

Ryan Argast Age

As of 2024, he is 30 years old. He comes from Plainfield, Illinois.

Ryan Argast The Voice

Ryan Argast is one of the contestants on the 25th season of The Voice Blind Auditions. Some of the other contestants include Dani Stacy, Tae Lewis, Justin & Jeremy Garcia, Nadège and OK3 (Kenna Fields, Courtney Hooker, and Sierra Sikes) among others.

Tension filled the room from the first notes, the Coaches immediately recognized the tune, and all eyes were on Dan + Shay. The moments, and the melody, fluttered by as Ryan sang. Finally, a whispered exchange between Dan + Shay, “I like him,” and “I think we should go for it.” Go for it they did. Ryan earned only a single Chair Turn, but it was the one that counted.

“I love the texture of your voice. I love that it feels like it’s breaking but it’s strong at the same time,” John Legend said before Reba McEntire jumped in. “You’re going to have such a good time with these two over here. They are knowledgeable, they are such great singers, songwriters. So sorry I missed out on it but you’re going to have fun with them.” Finally, Dan + Shay addressed their new Team member.

“That was risky, but it paid off. I knew exactly what I was listening for, and you were the magic we were looking for,” Shay said, before handing it off to Dan. “The beginning of it was super true to form, super sexy, super R&B, and when that chorus hit you made it your own. I’m going to be thinking about that performance every time we sing that song now.”

John Legend convinced Dan + Shay to join Ryan for a special three-person rendition of “Speechless.” The three of them tore up the stage together.

Ryan Argast Wife

Singer Argast married in 2020, Ryan has a special connection with Dan + Shay’s song “Speechless,” which is about seeing your spouse for the first time on your wedding day.

Ryan and his wife Lyndsey are awaiting the birth of their first child. Learning of the pregnancy was one of the highlights of 2023 that also included a Marina City East Coast Tour, a co-headlining show with Night Spice at Thalia Hall in Chicago, and Ryan’s efforts to make Nashville his home base.

Ryan Argast Instagram

His Instagram handle is @ryanargast.