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Ranin Karim Biography – Ranin Karim Wiki

Ranin Karim is the New York City designer who claimed she had a months-long affair with celebrity pastor Carl Lentz. Lentz was known for preaching to celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Carmelo Anthony. He was the leader of the New York branch of the Hillsong megachurch, which was founded in Australia. The preacher was fired from the church after he admitted he had cheated on his wife, as the Associated Press reported. In a long Instagram post, he termed his actions as a “failure” and that he would “begin a journey of rebuilding trust” with his wife and their three children. He however did not identify Karim.

Karim began working in the fashion industry and has her own collection called Wahidon. Her brand includes a series of kimonos, which she sells for up to $600 apiece. She also designs rings and earring sets. Before launching her own fashion collection, she worked at various luxury stores in Manhattan. Basing on her LinkedIn profile, which is now unavailable, she worked as a personal stylist at INTERMIX for nearly three years beginning in 2013. In 2016, she then went to work for the luxury department store brand Barneys as a sales associate. Her next stop was as a sales associate for the Italian retailer 10 Corso Como. According to her LinkedIn account, she started working as a sales specialist for CELINE in August 2019.

Before moving to the United States, she had starred in an Israeli movie known as Ajami, which was released in 2009. The film was a collaboration between Palestinian and Israeli filmmakers and was set in a suburb of Tel Aviv. She has credited for playing the role of a young Christian woman named Hadir, who falls in love with a Muslim man named Omar. Ajami received a special distinction award at the Cannes Film Festival, the University of Pennsylvania reported. According to the New York Times, Ajami was also nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign-language film.

Ranin Karim Age

She was born in 1986 and was raised in Palestine, according to her company website. She later moved to New York as an adult.

Ranin Karim Boyfriend

She met Lentz at Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in May 2020, and the two dated for five months. She told the New York Post she and Lentz officially ended things on November 5, 2020, the day he revealed his infidelity to the world.

Ranin Karim Husband

She had been divorced. She told the New York Post that she only learned Lentz’s true identity as a pastor after she ran a background check using his phone number. She said she realized she had been to Hillsong several years earlier. Her ex-husband brought her to the Manhattan church and she had seen Lentz preach.

Ranin Karim Instagram

Her Instagram account is set to private.

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