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Neil Wragg Wiki, Age, Money For Nothing, Ragsto Bags

Neil Wragg Biography – Neil Wragg Wiki

Neil Wragg, born Neil Peter Wragg, is an award-winning bagmaker, designer and artisan on BBC1’s Money For Nothing. He is the founder of Ragsto Bags, creating luxurious bespoke luggage and bags upcycled from leather jackets, upholstery fabrics, leather sofas and old-fashioned canvas tents.

Born from a necessity to repair, re-fabricate or reinvent a camping kit that kept falling apart, Ragsto Bags are designed and handmade by Neil Wragg in his workshop in Marlow, Bucks, England.

In an interview with Ernest Wright, Neil opened up about the birth of Ragsto. He said: “Ragsto was born from a means to an end. I love being outdoors for camping, travelling and cycling but my expensive kit just kept on breaking. When you’re on the go, it’s frustrating when equipment fails. It should be durable. The solution for this dilemma came from customizing my own kit, and soon all my bags were designed from scratch.”

Neil Wragg Age

Neil Wragg was born in July 1970. He is 54 years old as of 2024.

Neil Wragg Money For Nothing

Bag maker Neil Wragg is the sewing artisan on BBC’s Money For Nothing. He has been on the BBC programme since series 2. The challenges have included remaking BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin’s rubber boat into bags, cutting up a rusty old bike into luggage, deckchairs, carpets, leather sofas, tents and kites!

“It is all a great experience and a tough learning curve at times when presented with the tasks they wanted,” said Neil. “However, the results always ‘blow away’ the presenters Sarah Moore, EJ Osborne and Jay Blades and the end results all sell straight away.”


He is of British nationality.


Neil Wragg’s Instagram handle is theneilwragg.