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Nat Thaipun Biography – Nat Thaipun Wiki

Nat Thaipun is a barista and contestant on MasterChef Australia 2024. She has lived and worked as a barista in Switzerland, Japan and New Zealand.

Nat grew up in a family of five on the outskirts of Melbourne, with two younger brothers, and parents who ran a Thai restaurant where her mother and food hero, Nutsiree, was head chef. Raised as traditionally Thai, Nat spoke the language and learnt the ways of Thai people. Her late grandmother, Purd Boonpun, was a huge influence, further inspiring Nat’s love of cooking even after her passing.

A proud Australian-born Thai woman, Nat has grappled with her place between two cultures, and left Australia in 2016 to travel and in some ways, to find herself. Adorned with more than 90 tattoos, Nat Thaipun loves adrenaline-fuelled adventures, and snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and skydiving punctuated her life abroad.

Being away from home has only strengthened the depth of Nat’s passion for cooking, realising food’s universal ability to connect people to their heritage, identity and culture as she found herself subconsciously tapping into her Thai roots through food while away.

Nat Thaipun Age

MasterChef Australia contestant Nat Thaipun was born in Melbourne, Australia. She is 28 years old.

Nat Thaipun MasterChef Australia

Nat Thaipun is one of the contestants on the sixteenth series of MasterChef Australia on Network Ten. The contestants will compete for the title of MasterChef Australia winner 2024 and $250,000 in prize money.

Super passionate about breaking cultural stigmas, Nat hopes that the MasterChef Australia kitchen will help cement her grasp on her true identity and provide the opportunity to represent her culture through her food, personality and style.

Nat Thaipun Tattoos

MasterChef Australia contestant Nat Thaipun has over 90 tattoos. In an interview with Refinery29 Australia, Nat revealed that her tattoos serve as a profound connection to her Thai heritage.

“I never thought I’d have this many tattoos, but the idea of marking is so ingrained in traditional cultures,” she told Refinery29 Australia. “I felt like I was connecting to my ancestors almost.”

“It’s an ancient form of expression,” she added. “You would never think of that when you think of hunter-gatherers — like why would people back then have had time to tattoo or put stretchers in their ears? But it’s such a big part of our [Thai] culture.”

Nat shared that her journey with tattoos began during her travel adventures overseas. “I started marking myself every time I travelled,” she said. “Then I noticed that every time I was leaving or travelling was because I was going through some stuff mentally, so it was tying that together.”

Most of Nat Thaipun’s tattoos were inked during a specific period in her life, and in a special place. “I got probably 80% of my tattoos in New Zealand,” she said. “I felt really connected with that because obviously in Maori culture, [tattooing] is so deeply ingrained.”

Nat Thaipun Heritage

Nat is of Thai heritage. Raised as traditionally Thai, Nat spoke the language and learnt the ways of Thai people.