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Mimi Wong is a contestant on MasterChef Australia 2024. Born in Hong Kong, Mimi moved to Sydney aged one, but returned to Hong Kong to live at age 11 for seven years with her beloved grandma, or Ah Por, following her parents’ divorce. She and brother Jonathan were raised in humble Hong Kong public housing, her grandma instilling in them the philosophies of being a nurturer, cook and caretaker.

Since returning to Sydney in 2016, Mimi has met her insatiable thirst for what she calls “cultural recharge”, through Cantonese food. Grateful for the gift of connection it has allowed, Mimi has grown closer to both her grandmothers, neither of whom speak much English, as food helped bridge the divide of age, distance and language.

Heavily influenced by the strict cultural practices around food growing up, today Mimi loves playing in the grey space of Asian fusion. Outside of her deep ties to her Asian heritage, Mimi seeks inspiration from food heroes in all forms. From the likes of David Chang, Roy Choi and Yotam Ottolenghi, she also looks to heavy-hitters online, including Molly Baz, Claire Saffitz and Chucky Cruz, to sate her thirst for knowledge.

Mimi Wong Age

MasterChef’s Mimi Wong is 25 years old. She was born in Hong Kong

Mimi Wong MasterChef

High school teacher Mimi Wong, 25, is a contestant on MasterChef Australia Season 16. Inspired by her students, Mimi is harnessing their spirit and courage to go after her goals, role modelling how to chase your passion and risk it for reward. Visualising herself in a professional kitchen in the future, Mimi would one day love her own venue with a chalkboard of rotating specials, where Cantonese influences would shine.

Mimi Wong Height

MasterChef’s Mimi Wong hasn’t revealed her height. She is the shortest MasterChef Australia season 16 contestant. She describes herself as a “small girl”.

Mimi Wong Heritage

She is of Asian heritage.


Mimi Wong’s Instagram handle is mimiwonggaa.