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Savindri Perera Biography – Savindri Perera Wiki

Savindri Perera, age 30, is a banking consultant from South Australia. She is a contestant on MasterChef Australia 2024. Originally from Sri Lanka, Savindri spent her childhood immersed in food culture alongside her older sister Chethanee, her late mother Chandrika, and father Chethiya. She relocated to Australia at the age of 18.

Chandrika, Sav’s beloved mother, was a remarkable cook, instilling in her family a deep appreciation for both cooking and communal dining. Fond memories of shared meals from roadside stalls with cousins and unforgettable Sunday crab curry lunches are etched into Sav’s “family food map.”

Describing her cooking style as rustic, generous and colourful, Savindri’s love of cooking amped up around age 12 after discovering Nigella. She lists onion, garlic and curry leaves as her holy trinity, nothing happens in Sri Lankan cooking without them!

Savindri Perera Age

MasterChef Australia contestant Savindri Perera was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka where she lived until moving to Adelaide aged 18. She is currently 30 years old.

Savindri Perera Parents

MasterChef’s Savindri Perera is the daughter of Chandrika and Chethiya Perera. She has an older sister Chethanee Perera. She lost her mother in 2017.

In May 2024, Savindri marked the 7th Mothers’ Day without her mother. She wrote on Instagram: “It’s my 7th Mothers’ Day without my mum. I knew my last one with her would be the last one I’d ever get & knowing that makes it harder now, because I’m always caught in the “should’ve” and “could’ve”.

“I am shaped by my all my mother was. I’m forever changing, and I always evolve into a version of her. I always run into pieces of her within me. Who I am, is pieces of who she was.

“Being on MasterChef without being able to call my mother and tell her every day how I went is a kind of wound I didn’t anticipate. It is unfortunately a wound I carry into the kitchen daily, as I know a few of us who’ve lost our parents do. I hold her close, but I let her go, because she wouldn’t want me to be so broken by my grief. There’s living to do in this life she gifted me.

“I am shaped by a long line of matriarchs – a lot of Sri Lankan cooks are because the best version of our cuisines still mainly exists within the confines of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ homes.

“Happy Mother’s Day Ammi. All I ever hope to be is a version of who you were.”

Savindri paid tribute to her sister Chethanee Perera, writing: “Happy Mothers’ Day Akki. I am incredibly proud of the mother you’ve become to Cheyana. You had to learn that all on your own. Of all the people in the world, I know you are the one person who loves me as much as Ammi did. Thank you for dropping me to nursery school safely.”

Savindri Perera Husband

MasterChef Australia’s Savindri Perera is not married and therefore doesn’t have a husband. She has a boyfriend.

At the start of season 16 of MasterChef Australia, judge Andy Allen tasted a particularly spicy dish of Savindri’s and asked her if she cooks for anyone at home, to which she responded, “I have a boyfriend, it’s new”.

“Is he Sri Lankan, or…?” Allen cheekily asked, to which Perera replied, “Oh, he’s like a block of white chocolate”.

Perera revealed that besides her romantic partner tasting her Sri Lankan dishes, speaking her mother tongue has been another way for them to connect with her culture and one another.

“He’s learnt Sinhalese and I actually cried, because no one I’ve ever been with has made an effort to communicate to me in my language,” Savindri told Draw Your Box.

Savindri Perera MasterChef Australia

Savindri Perera, 30, is a contestant on Season 16 of MasterChef Australia. She entered the MasterChef competition alongside 21 other home cooks for a chance to win $250,000 in prize money. They are Alex Crisp, Darrsh Clarke, David Tan, Gillian Dinh, Harry Butterfield, James Holmes, Jonathan Hooper, Josh Clarke, Josh Perry, Juan De La Cruz Torales Villarreal, Khristian Walker, Lachlan Whittle, Lily Davies, Lourdes Leschen, Mimi Wong, Nat Thaipun, Snezana Calic, Steph Griffen, Stephen Dennis, Sue Bazely and Sumeet Saigal.

Savindri Perera Ethnicity

Savindri Perera is of Sri Lankan heritage.


Savindri Perera’s Instagram handle is savisquishles.