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Monika Charchula Biography – Monika Charchula Wiki

Monika Charchula is a Furniture Artist and Whimsigoth, as well as a contestant on BBC’s Interior Design Masters. She is the owner of 84 Square, a boutique interior decor company based in Nottingham, England. 84 Square is involved in handpainted furniture and original home decor inspired by Gothic and Victorian times.

Monika combines her passion for antiques, interiors, glamour, and sustainability in the form of decadently upcycled furniture and bespoke home decor under the moniker of 84 Square.

“From a young age, my parents instilled in me the mindset that anything can be repaired, reused and re-loved. Growing up in Gdansk, Poland we were very frugal with our belongings and it was the family standard to take good care of our possessions. By not living a throwaway lifestyle I learnt to appreciate the longevity of a well-crafted item. When I moved to England, together with my then-boyfriend, we began to accumulate a house full of second-hand furniture that we had found in the marketplace and this important standard that had been set by my family pushed me to upcycle them into revitalised versions of their former selves.

“On a shoestring budget, we managed to create a glamorous and personality-filled home and I discovered a new passion in transforming these furniture relics. I found myself trying to push the limits of what I could do with beat-up, unwanted furniture and became immersed in the subculture of upcycling fanatics where I learnt the vital basics. From there I found my own style and began to truly express my own individuality and creativity through my work.”

Monika Charchula Age

Monika Charchula’s age is unclear. She grew up in Gdansk, Poland.

Monika Charchula Interior Design Masters

Monika Charchula is a contestant on series four of Interior Design Masters on BBC One. She revealed she was taking part in the competition on Instagram. She wrote: “I am one of the contestants on the newest season of Interior Design Masters! Participating in this competition was an incredible yet challenging experience, but I’ll tell you all about it soon.”

Monika Charchula Nationality

She is of Polish nationality.

Monika Charchula Instagram

Monika Charchula’s Instagram handle is @84_square.