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Mark Irvine Biography – Mark Irvine Wiki

Mark Irvine (full name Mark Zakariyya Irvine) is an antiques dealer and husband of BBC TV Antique expert Roo Irvine. Mark is currently the Executive Director at JAXX UK Ltd. He joined JAXX UK as Managing Director in June 2006 and has been with the company in various senior capacities since then. He is also the Director of Investor Relations at UK Pillar Ltd (Premier Investments London Ltd) in London and Scotland.

He was the CEO & Founder of Inunctum Holdings Limited from January 2017 to July 2018. Inunctum Holdings Limited owns and operates Investment Portfolios, Start-up Incubators as well as having interests in UK real estate, automotive sales, overseas property, power projects and online technology.

He has previously served as the Director of Investor Relations at Pillar International Holdings Ltd. from Sep 2016 РJul 2018, Director/Founder at InQfactory Ltd from May 2012 РAug 2014, COO/Co-Founder of Yello from Mar 2013 РOct 2013, Business Development Director РOnline at Inspired Gaming Group from Aug 2010 РSep 2011, Director/Consultant at h̫megame from Dec 2008 РAug 2010, Director at Crestbay from Apr 2009 РSep 2009, Director of Remote Betting at Pagebet from Jul 2008 РDec 2008, Managing Director at All in Poker Events Ltd between Jan 2005 and Jan 2007, Consultant at MNC Ltd in 2007, and as Group Marketing Director at ukbetting plc from 2005 Р2006. He began his career as a Sales Exec at Monarch Aluminium, where he worked from 1987 to 1990, according to his Linkedin bio.

Mark is the owner of Busting Clouds, a writing company for books, stories, TV shows & movie scripts. He is currently working on a bunch of TV Show formats across several genres. Pitching them to broadcasters and production companies. He is also in the process of writing various fiction story-lines with a view to completing a novel(s) or developing a TV series based on the stories and ideas.

Roo Irvine Husband Mark Irvine

Mark Irvine is the husband of Roo Irvine, a regular TV expert on shows such as BBC Antiques Road Trip, Flipping Profit, Bargain Hunt and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

Mark Irvine Age

His age is unclear.