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Abigail Booth is an artist and textile craft practitioner who studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art, the San Francisco Art Institute and Chelsea College of Art, where she graduated in 2013 as a painter and sculptor.

Working across a material language of painting, textiles and natural colour, her works delve into the internal narratives of our imagination, dreams and memory, as they originate in our interactions with nature. Reflecting on the intrinsic relationship of her materials to the human body and psychological condition she looks to her painted and patchworked canvases as a site where tactile images can manifest and play with our shifting understanding of place and identity.

By using pigments cultivated and unearthed from the plants, and landscapes she encounters, she introduces site as both a physical and imagined space directly into the surface of her works. In the very nature of their pieced, and layered construction, she questions the complexity of the wild and constructed identities of our landscapes as they are continually being remade and transformed. Exploring the inner-psyche and our subliminal need to connect with the natural, Booth purposefully draws us into these dreamt and tactile places, asking us to confront our past and future relationships to the natural world.

She exhibits her work throughout the UK and internationally, often collaborating with her partner Max Bainbridge under their studio Forest + Found.

Her book “The Wild Dyer: A Maker’s Guide to Natural Dyes with Projects to Create and Stitch (learn how to forage for plants, prepare textiles for dyeing, and make your own mordant. Includes eight hand stitching projects from coasters to a patchwork blanket),” was published in October 2017 by the Princeton Architectural Press.

Abigail Booth Age

Abigail was born in London in 1991.

Abigail Booth Money for Nothing

Abigail Booth is a regular designer on BBC1’s Money for Nothing alongside Zoe Murphy, Rupert Blanchard, Jay Blades, Mark ‘Horse’ Philips, Bex Simon, Max Bainbridge, Paul Firbank, Lizzie Gossling, Anthony Devine and Rob Shaer.

Abigail Booth Instagram

Abigail Booth’s Instagram is @forestandfound.