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Laura Byrne Biography – Laura Byrne Wiki

Laura Byrne is an Australian radio host, podcaster, author and owner of the jewellery brand ToniMay. She rose to fame on The Bachelor Australia in 2017. Host of one of Australia’s leading podcasts Life Uncut and KIIS FM’s The Pick Up, Laura is the founder and creative director of one of Australia’s leading bohemian jewellery brand ToniMay. She was named the 2019 Cosmopolitan Fashion Designer of the Year.

Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley, former Bachelor finalists and hosts of the number-one podcast Life Uncut, are the authors of the book “We Love Love,” an Unfiltered A to Z of Modern Romance and Self-Love.

Laura Byrne Age

Radio host Laura Byrne was born on March 25, 1986, in Sydney, Australia. She is 37 years old as of 2023.

Laura Byrne Husband

Laura Byrne is married to Matty ‘J’ Johnson. The couple famously met on the 2017 season of The Bachelor, and tied the knot in November 2022.

Laura Byrne Parents

Laura Byrne’s mother was her most formative role model. She told kidspot: “Growing up my Mum was a constant source of creativity and resilience, two qualities that I am bottom-of-my-heart honoured to have gained from her. It was my mum who sparked my passion for jewellery, which has changed my life in a myriad of happy and fulfilling ways.”

“Mum had studied and worked as a silversmith, but after two broken marriages and with three young children to support she gave up jewellery to become a school teacher. Sacrificing her dream job for stability in the workplace, so that she could better support us three kids.”

Laura Byrne Family

Laura Byrne and her husband Matty J are the proud parents of two children, Marlie-Mae and Lola Ellis. In 2019 the couple welcomed their first daughter, Marlie-Mae, after becoming engaged on their babymoon two months prior. Then in February 2021, the proud parents doubled their love when Laura gave birth to their second daughter, Lola.

In a Q&A on her Instagram, Laura revealed how she juggles motherhood and work life.

“With help,” revealed Laura. “Marlie is in daycare a couple of days a week, and Matt is really hands-on, we parent 50/50 and mutually respect each other’s careers,’ she explained.

“Lola comes to work with me when I’m in the office, and Matt has her when Brittany and I podcast, we just make it work. It isn’t always pretty, and we don’t always nail it, but it’s worth it.”

Laura Byrne Bachelor

Laura Byrne was a contestant on the 2017 season of The Bachelor Australia. She won the heart of Bachelor Matty J. Considered one of the dating show’s biggest success stories, Laura and Matty are married with two daughters.

Laura Byrne Dancing With The Stars

Podcaster and radio host Laura Byrne is a contestant on the 2023 season of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Australia on Channel 7 and 7plus. She was partnered with professional dancer Danil Saveliev, dancing for The Australian Childhood Foundation.

Matty J previously competed on the show in 2021.

“Matt competing on the show previously was a huge positive for me,” Laura said ahead of her first performance on Dancing With The Stars 2023. “I guess I saw how much fun he had, it was such a storybook experience for him and I supported him throughout that whole process as he learned how to dance and compete.”

“I think for me, I was like, ‘This is my time,’ I want to experience that. He was so, so supportive throughout the whole thing, and it was like a little bit of friendly competition in the household.”

DWTS Interview

Why did you sign up to Dancing With The Stars?

I am a huge fan of the show. My husband Matty J was a contestant two years ago and at the time I had just given birth to our second daughter Lola. I was a tiny bit jealous because it looked like so much fun!

Do you have any fears going into the show?

My biggest fear is getting stage fright and forgetting the steps, or being so uncoordinated that I look like a freshly-birthed baby giraffe.

What do you think your dancing strengths are or will be?

My biggest strength is that I am competitive. I don’t expect to be the best dancer in the competition but I really want to do every single dance the absolute best I possibly can. Mumma didn’t raise a quitter.

What will your challenges be?

The dancing part. I also think juggling life, work and motherhood alongside the hours I need to put into training. I have three separate jobs; I’m a podcaster, radio host and also a jeweller, and I think my biggest challenge will be trying to keep everything afloat while still being there for my kids.

What do you think you’ll get out of the experience?

I can’t wait to have a bit of rhythm in this body and get my fitness back. The last couple of years, fitness has totally taken a back seat for me. After all this training not only will I be able to dance (better) but I’ll be able to run up a flight of stairs without being pooped.

How do you think you’ll cope with the criticism of the judges?

I hope they give me a sh*t sandwich: start with a compliment, then tell me I suck, then follow up with a compliment.

Do you have any fun dancing anecdotes?

Matt and I went to Aric Yegudkin and learned a funny dance for our first dance. We were so excited to get our wedding video back, but when we did it was just 10 seconds of the start of the dance and then someone’s back, as the videographer stood in front of the camera.

Laura Byrne Net Worth

Laura Byrne’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. She is the owner of the jewellery brand ToniMay.

Laura Byrne Height

The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (5’7”/1.7 m tall).


Laura Byrne’s Instagram handle is @ladyandacat.