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Joanne Hardcastle Biography – Joanne Hardcastle Wiki

Joanne Hardcastle is an interior designer and contestant on BBC’s Interior Design Masters. As an interior designer, Joanne specialises in Eclectic, Modern Vintage interiors and styling. She is the owner of Hardcastle Towers, an Eclectic Colourful Edwardian Home in Yorkshire. She runs the podcast “Styling it Out with Wendy and Joanne”. Wendy Simpson and Joanne have run their popular Instagram accounts Yorkshire Homestead and Hardcastle Towers for years where they’ve talked about design and lifestyle as well as everyday life.

Joanne Hardcastle Age

Joanne Hardcastle is 50 years old. She is from Yorkshire.

Joanne Hardcastle Interior Design Masters

Joanne Hardcastle is a contestant on series four of Interior Design Masters on BBC One. She announced that she was taking part in the show, writing, “I spent last summer filming series 4 of @interiordesignmasters_tv! That erratic white van zooming up and down the M1 was me!

“OMG what an adventure it was, I need to tell you everything, but where do I start? First of all, why did I do it? At 50, after years of bringing up my children it was time for me to learn to be myself again. It was the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. I already had a very hectic, full life with lots of commitments and responsibilities and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Mr Hardcastletowers #poortim stepping up and holding the fort at home.

“The whole experience was so much more than I ever thought it could be, and I cannot wait to share more with you very soon.”

Joanne had this to say about each of the Interior Design Masters Season 4 contestants:

@thewhitehome [Peter Irvine] I cannot imagine not having Peter in my life. I love him dearly. We could not be any more different if we tried! his signature interior style is white everything, broken bits of wood and rusty stuff. His drink of choice is diluting juice and won’t eat monster much because it’s too spicy. Surprisingly we get along like a house on fire.

@karlkai.design, Karl has thighs of steal, he sweats more than me, eats more than anyone I’ve ever met and he still owes me an early morning plant shopping session.

@jackkinsey [Jack Kinsey] This little cherub is a genius, he’s a whirling dervish who’s it’s hard to keep tabs on. He’s the face of Alton Towers and he once found a chicken brain in his KFC.

@ryelliott_ [Ry Elliott] is the most beautiful human inside and out. His Biophilic design always hits the mark, he’s calm and collected and loves yoga, plants and logs.

@tompowerdesign [Tom Power] has a voice like velvet and the sparkliest eyes that are going to make you weak at the knees. He is insanely talented. He gives the bestest beardy hugs ever.

@ahousemadeofbrass [Temi Johnson] is the chief organiser, she’s a pocket rocket who’s never far away from a bottle of Prosecco. She can talk me under the table and we’d all be lost without her .

@behindbuse [Buse Gurbuz] has a love of mid-century design and is probably one of the most insane people I’ve ever met! We have so much fun together and just you wait until you see her backside.

@84_square [Monika Charchula is] so sweet and magical and always has the right crystal for any situation. She loves dark and moody interiors, taxidermy and penguins.

@thehousethatcharlottebuilt [Charlotte Fisher] was in charge of complaints and she was very good at it. She is the voice of Peppa Pig and managed to star as Evita in an a production during filming. She’s a woman of many talents.

@hardcastletowers [Joanne Hardcastle], I was billed as a maximalist but think I’m more of an eclectic soul. I love pom poms and I gave it my all.

Joanne Hardcastle Instagram

Joanne Hardcastle’s Instagram handle is @hardcastletowers.