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Jimmy Rave Biography – Jimmy Rave Wiki

Jimmy Rave (real name was James Michael Guffey) was an American professional wrestler. He was a two-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. His career, which started in October 1999, continued for over 2 decades.

He appeared In Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, where he teamed with Lance (Hoyt) Rock as the “Rock and Have Infection.” In Ring of Honor, he feuded with Al Styles and was the “Crown Jewel” of the faction, The Embassy, and last appeared in 2013 as a Member of S.C.U.M.

He toured Japan with both Dragon Gate Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling where in 2008 he competed in the “Best of The Super Junior” Tournament. In 2005 he appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Sunday Night Heat.

He appeared in numerous Independent promotions including Rampage Pro Wrestling, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, and Combat Zone Wrestling, among many others. He also served as a booker for several years in Rampage Pro Wrestling and led a faction known as “Jimmy Rave Approved.”

Outside of wrestling, he held the position of Director of the Bartow County, Georgia Peer Support, Wellness and Respite Center for several years.

Jimmy Rave Age

He was born James Michael Guffey on December 8, 1982, in Atlanta, Georgia. He died on December 12, 2021, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was 39 years old.

Jimmy Rave Wife

At the time of his passing, the Atlanta native was living in the Philadelphia, PA area with his fiancée and fellow wrestler Gabby Gilbert.

Jimmy Rave Children

Jimmy Rave had two children from a previous marriage. His two children are daughter Kailah Guffey and son James II.

Jimmy Rave Family

He is survived by his ex-wife Felicia, daughter Kailah, son James II and his parents, Jim and Toni Guffey.

Jimmy Rave Death

Jimmy Rave died on December 12, 2021, at the age of 39, his daughter Kailah Guffey and wrestling agent Bill Behrens confirmed in a statement.

Jimmy Rave Cause of Death

Jimmy Rave’s cause of death was not revealed.

Jimmy Rave Drugs

Jimmy Rave had been struggling with drug addiction for many years. His struggles resulted in the amputation of his arm and, later, both of his legs. He had also earlier revealed that he had experienced drug addiction in the past and entered rehab in 2009.

Jimmy Rave Amputation

Former professional wrestler Jimmy Rave had his legs amputated due to an MRSA infection. In October 2021, Rave revealed he had undergone surgery to remove both his legs due to an Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection.

He tweeted: “Apparently it’s time for me to come clean. This past June I began having trouble walking & went to my surgeon. He determined I had MRSA in both legs & they needed to be amputated immediately. Promoters can tell you along with my peers, I’ve had a history w/this and would cancel shows often due to this condition.

“I don’t know where rumors started this was due to something else, but I hadnt been to shows for so long. So where did someone see me do something? I have ALWAYS been honest with my past. I went on podcast n interviews being super candid.

“Pro Wrestling is all I ever loved. It sucks to think that the tribe I would have died for, would say untrue things about me. I’ve gone this whole time not disclosing my legs because of this embarrassment. Sorry I fell short of your expectations. I tried … I really did.”

That came nearly a year after his arm was amputated, forcing his retirement from the ring. In November 2020, he announced his retirement following the amputation of his arm. He said in a statement: “I have been very blessed for the last 21 years in professional wrestling and getting to live out my dream. Today, that dream has ended for me and I have a new reality. This past Tuesday my world came crashing down when Doctors found an infection in my left arm. I tried toughing it out but by the time I saw a doctor it was too late and they had to amputate my left arm above the elbow. Thus effectively ending my in ring career.

“I appreciate everyone who has supported me or anyone who has pegged me with a roll of toilet paper. To my brothers & sisters I have shared the ring with or a locker room; thank you for always pushing me to be better. Thank You to all of my mentors and my students who allow me to still feel needed. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to type. If you have questions or comments please feel free to DM me. Please take your health much more seriously than I did. I am sorry for anyone I have let down. Support pro wrestling!”

Jimmy Rave Net Worth

Jimmy Rave had faced mounting hospital bills over his final years, tweeting an image of a hospital bill that totalled $103,314.77 (£78,261) in October 2021.

He wrote at the time: “Thank you to all those who have been supportive of this journey thus far. Your contributions have helped in my daily living and getting life back in order. I just recently got this bill in the mail …WOW!”

Jimmy Rave Instagram

His Instagram handle is @thejimmyrave.