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Jennifer Agostini is an American actress. She is known for Love Magical (2018), The Last One Left (2015) and Ante’ (2012), according to her IMDB profile. She was recently cast in a new show called Brooklyn Ties that was scheduled to begin filming in the spring of 2020, according to Heavy.

Jennifer Agostini Age

She is 43 years old.

Jennifer Agostini Petition

According to a petition filed in New York County Supreme Court on November 25, 2019, Agostini and three others allege that they were attacked outside of a Manhattan nightclub.

“On the evening of November 23, 2019 at approximately 1 1:00 pm., the Petitioners, Cal Stuart, Prendinellys Garcia, Jennifer Agostini, and Christopher Selletti, entered the Sky Bar lobby and purchased VIP Tickets and bottle service. The Sky Bar required a $350.00 credit card supplied by Petitioner, CAL STUART. In the party were Petitioners GARCIA, AGOSTINI and SELLETTI. The Petitioners were attending the birthday party of actress NINA MARTINEZ. The Petitioners were escorted to their table by a host. During the course of the evening the Petitioners ordered more bottle service beverages until 3:00 am. At around 3:00 am a security mernber stated we had to leave our area even though Petitioners had ordered another bottle and mixers for another $350.00.

“The Petitioners were escorted one floor done with non- VIP customers. Petitioner, CAL STUART paid the bill which amounted to $908.00. At around 3:30 am Petitioners proceeded down to the lobby area. At the lobby area one of Petitioner’s acquaintances realized the host had her credit card. A bouncer (black male, bald head, white goatee, wandering eye approximately six feet two inches tall wearing a black turtle neck and black pants) pushed the young lady looking for her credit card. This security personnel proceeded to continue to manhandle two women. When Petitioner STUART objected this bouncer/security person threatened to harm STUART within ear shot of a group of his friends.

“As Petitioners started walking out Petitioners GARCIA and STUART were attacked and beaten by approximately ten to fifteen people which included security personnel. Petitioners, AGOSTINI and SELLETTI in attempt to defend their friends were also beaten and attacked by the security personnel as well as customers who were acquaintances of bald African-American goatee security staffer. Several racial slurs were directed at Petitioners “such as white motherf***ers” and “dirty white b*tches” and “f**k those white b*tches and their money” as approximately 10- 15 people beat Petitioners to the ground

“The Petitioners left on their own accord and they all presented to the New York University Hospital-Langone Emergency room at about 5:00 am. on November 24, 2019. The most seriously injured were Ms. Agostini and Ms. Garcia. Attached as Exhibit A is the photograph of Ms. Agostini. Ms. Agostini is a SAG-AFSTRA movie and television actress She has facial scarring and multiple lacerations. Ms. Garcia received several scalp lacerations and was beaten about her face, body and limbs. Ms. Garcia is a swim suit model and Paralegal. Petitioners, STUART and SELLETTI were beaten about the face and body. Mr. Selletti received a puncture to his lung and rib area; back and leg injuries. Mr. Stuart recently had a toe amputation and was thrown to the floor and beaten about the face and body. The Petitioners were all hospitalized at New York University Hospital-Langone for medical treatment as a result of a brutal assault. (See Emergency room NYU-Langone records attached as Exhibit B.)

“The Respondents are in possession of video evidence which will show the assault of Petitioners. More disturbing is the participation of the security staff in the brutal assault of cash paying VIP customers. The Petitioner, STUART paid $908.00 for VIP service only to be assaulted, thrown to the ground and beaten by a combination of security and friends of the security staff. Petitioners, GARCIA, AGOSTINI and SELLETTi also assaulted and beaten.

“It is also apparent that the bald, African-American, silver goatee security member not only instigated the assault but was also a participant. This security staff member at his behest had gang members who were his friends assist in the participation of the assault. The New York State Courts are clear on the law regarding the preservation of video evidence. The Respondents must secure the videotapes concerning the assault footage and cannot erase the footage or tape over it.

“The court must also order Respondents to secure their logs, papers, materials and memorandum regarding their employees and security staff for the night of November 24-25 2019. It is not clear if African-American, bald, silver goatee is an employee of Sky Bar or an employee of a separate security company hired by Sky Bar. His decision to assault VIP patrons will now be the subject of litigation and perhaps the suspension of Sky Bar’s liquor license.

“The court must also issue an injunction and temporary restraining Order preveiiting the Respondents from destroying or discarding any of the video recordings or paperwork.

“No prior application for the relief requested has been previously made by Petitioners.

“WHEREFORE, Petitioners, Cal Stuart, Prendinellys Garcia, Jennifer Agostini, and Christopher Selletti, respectfully requests that the court order Respondents, THE SKY BAR TIMES SQUARE, INC., PM HOSPITALITY GROUP, INC and THE GEHR GROUP to preserve videotape and paper evidence concerning the assault and battery of Petitioners on November 25, 2019 between 3:30-4:00 am.”

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