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Jack Waygood is a contemporary metal sculptor from Edinburgh. He appears on the second series of the BBC One television show Make it at Market.

Enrolling in the BA Artist Blacksmithing course at Hereford College of Arts. Jack discovered a range of interests spanning architecture, engineering, nature, traveler culture, and music, which still inspire and shape his work today.

After graduating from HCA, he moved to Brecon, starting up Work of Iron in 2013, and worked freelance as a special effects technician for film and television.

He collaborated on popular productions such as ‘Poldark’ and ‘Casualty’ and became fascinated with pyrotechnics. At the same time, his passion for high-quality craftsmanship was fuelled by the advanced traditional smithing course ‘Design and forge work skills’ also at HCA, which he completed part-time.

In search of further progression, Jack then traveled as a journeyman blacksmith. He closed his business and worked in forges all over the UK learning a wide range of different approaches to his trade. In 2018 he was awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust fellowship and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust to travel in Europe.

In Sweden, Jack reconnected with his love for art at Steneby HDK (University of Gothenburg). This was a turning point in his work, he experimented with figurative sculpture and began developing his bizarre illustrative style, exploring the world of puppetry and performance. When rediscovering earlier influences from a variety of European artists and art forms, such as Jean Tinguely, Commedia Dell’ Arte, and closer to home, L.S. Lowry. He also found new inspirations such as Sharmanka and studied the art of street protest which would play a huge role in his visual style and language.

In 2019 The British Artist Blacksmith Association and The Jinny Quinell Memorial Trust awarded Jack a bursary to continue his travels. He visited Japan, learning about blade smithing and bunraku then returned to Europe for an extended stint in industrial forging, tool making, architectural and artistic forge work. During his time in Germany, he made contact with a blacksmith in New Zealand and found himself in Auckland working on the Lord of the Rings TV series the following summer.

Jack is now based in Scotland, He completed an MA in fine arts at Edinburgh College of Art and is now rooting himself in Leith and has officially started trading as Work of Iron.

Jack Waygood Make it at Market

Sculptor Jack Waygood is cast in the second series of Make it at Market on BBC One. The show is hosted by The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea who works alongside a team of business and craft experts who work together to help budding entrepreneurs make a living from their hobby.

He revealed his casting on Instagram writing: “Having worked for television and film in many ways over the years, I’ve never been in front of the camera, let’s see how this goes.”

Jack Waygood Instagram

Jack Waygood’s Instagram handle is @jaxx_waygood.