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Cath Kelly is a willow weaver based in Nantwich, Chesire. She appeared on the first episode of BBC1’s new series, Make it at Market.

Cath is particularly fond of doing large bespoke projects. The weaver has developed a passion for using willow because of its sustainability. Cath works very quickly, helped by the fact she is ambidextrous.

Cath Kelly Make it at Market

Willow weaver Cath Kelly appears on the first series of BBC1’s Make it at Market. The show aims to help hobby crafters turn their passions into a business. It is hosted by The Repair Shop’s Dominic Chinea. Cath features in the first episode.

Speaking about the experience of being on prime-time TV, Cath said: “I’ve never done anything like this before and felt it was an opportunity not to be missed.

“It also gave my grandchildren a bit of excitement to see Nana on TV!

“I had a great time with my mentor Eddie Glew and Dom Chinea – best known for his skills on the Repair Shop – who was brilliant in supporting me to learn the new skill of welding, as that is needed to help hold my larger creations up!

“I’m really blown away by the lovely positive response I’ve had so far.

“As it’s only me, it’ll take me a little while to get through all the messages but I’m doing my best!”

Talking about the next steps to Nantwich News, Cath added: “I’m rather passionate about each of my creations being bespoke – it’s like sharing a bit of my personality and drawing with willow on each and every one of them.

“The end of the show has given me an incredible opportunity to showcase my willow work at Bridgemere Garden Centre in the spring.

“I can’t wait to show off some of my newer designs and run some more workshops so people can learn a new mindful skill too!”

Cath Kelly Family

Make it at Market Cath Kelly, resides in Nantwich, Cheshire with her daughter and their little dog. The weaver is also a grandmother and her grandchildren were excited to see her being featured on television.

Cath Kelly Instagram

Willow weaver Cath Kelly’s Instagram handle is @cathkelly.willowsculpture.